15+ Photos Where You Can Literally Feel the Emotions

With all the everyday problems we face, it’s easy to forget that vivid emotions don’t just come from books or movies. Sometimes, they are around us, and it’s good when you have a camera at your fingertips to capture the moment.

We at CHEERY always try to show the bright side of your days. So, here is a compilation of cute and vivid photos from people online.

“Our rescue Pittie. The happiest boy ever.”

“My adorable grandma standing under a rhododendron her mom planted over 45 years ago for her.”

“I graduated with a B.S. in Physics the same day as the total lunar eclipse—here’s my graduation photo.”

“Met Jack Black last night! Core memory created for my son.”

“A picture I took of my husband with all the books he wrote.”

“My daughter showed me the rings of Saturn with her telescope this morning for Father’s Day.”

“My 7-year-old daughter drew Sonic today. I’m so proud of her and her ability.”

“Finally got my childhood dream guitar. Worked hard for it, and now I’m the happiest man alive.”

“After a wildfire destroyed my family’s home in Lytton, these firefighters saved the animals that were left behind by bringing them food and water.”

“Before bed last night, I noticed a kitten was missing. I found him with my oldest son.”

“My dad and I on Splash Mountain in Disneyland, late 1990s. I’m the wide-eyed kid in front.”

“My dad just bought his first smartphone, he is in his 50s and this is him enjoying his favorite kung-fu movies.”

“I fixed my mom’s ceramic angel for Mother’s Day!”

“Man offering to just listen to anyone who wants to talk on a road by my parents’ house.”

«Celebrating week 7 of a very successful brain surgery! Focusing on happy!»

“Bought a used car from an older gentleman and found this after I got home.”

“Wanted you to start with a full tank of gas!”

“Someone in my neighborhood knitted up some hats and scarves and left them out for free.”

“8-year anniversary of my favorite photo of my wife and me.”

What do you do to improve your mood?

Preview photo credit Jetsetter_/ Reddit
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