15+ Women Who’ve Stopped Shaving and Feel 100% Confident

For many years, it was believed that a woman should remove almost all her body hair. But some ladies decided they didn’t want to adhere to other people’s opinions any more and stopped shaving. And they enjoy this so much they showed off their new looks online.

At CHEERY, we believe everyone can look the way they want. So, we would like to show you the photos of women who share our views.

“I haven’t shaved anywhere since spring 2019. I feel so much happier now.”

“I found a photo of the beginning of my armpit hair growth 2 years ago, and I haven’t shaved since.”

«Bleaching instead of shaving... baby steps!»

«Earth Day Clean-up»

“I like it when my leg hair shines in light.”

“Over the weekend, I felt ashamed for my legs. I just want to feel beautiful with them.”

«Сotton candy»

«Soaking in the sun today in my backyard»

“3 months razor free after 20 years of shaving. I love my body hair more every day!”

“My summer superpower. I glow under the sun thanks to this bright blonde fur.”

“I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

«I am so grateful for community of armpit-hair-lovers»

“I’m really starting to like the look of my hair peeking out of my clothes.”

“It was nice not running out of cold water in the shower today just to shave. I’m learning to love the skin I’m in.”

“I’m rocking these at the pool today!”

“My best friend made this corset for me, I had to play dress up as soon as it arrived.”

“I just got a pedicure yesterday. I’m finally learning to be comfortable going to the salon with my hair legs.”

“I’m intrigued by my arm hair today. I haven’t shaved it for over a month.”

“Outfit for the foraging walk. I’m living my cottagecore fantasy.”

What do you think about keeping your body hair intact?

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