16 Gutsy People Who Dared to Have Plastic Surgery and Now Can’t Look in the Mirror Without Smiling

There is no such thing as an unattractive person — everyone is beautiful in their own way. But, sometimes, to be in complete harmony with oneself, there’s just a little something missing: correcting a bump on the nose or removing an annoying double chin... This is where the protagonists of our article come in: they’ve decided to no longer put up with the little things that irritated them and have put their faith in the doctors instead. And, as it turns out, they weren’t wrong.

We, at CHEERY, are sincerely proud of them. After all, self-love and satisfaction with your own appearance is a big step towards becoming truly happy.

1. “All my friends and family used to tell me that my double chin was ’barely noticeable’, but since getting it done everyone is telling me how amazing the results are.”

2. “There was a time when I hated my profile picture.”

“I’ll be experimenting with what makeup I feel suits me the best now after such a dramatic change to my features!”

3. “In the ’before’ picture I actually weigh less than in the ’after’.”

4. “I feel more comfortable with my appearance for sure — I smile all the time now.”

5. “8 days post-op rhinoplasty and submental lipo”

6. “I sleep better, I feel better, and I’m much more confident! Best investment of my life.”

7. “I was super nervous, but I only regret not getting my rhinoplasty done (and finding better lighting) sooner.”

“It’s so nice not to think about my nose all the time.”

8. “My parents thought I was silly chasing such a small change, but once they saw the overall effect even they liked the result!”

9. “I was so worried since it was deemed a medical necessity. But she did an amazing job!!”

“And I can finally breathe properly!”

10. “Never thought my minuscule lips could look like this.”

11. “Right before I went in for surgery I honestly didn’t think I could do it and wanted to run away. I’m so happy I didn’t chicken out!”

12. “1.5 years post-op surgery. Super happy!”

13. “It was definitely worth it.”

  • “Seriously, you went from looking like a 40 y.o. stay-at-home mom of 3 to a perky 25 y.o. gamer girl full of life.” © LatinaViking / Reddit

14. “9 months post glow up! Best. Decision. Ever.”

15. “When I decided to do the surgery I heard many times from people ’but you don’t need it!’”

“I think it’s because indeed there was nothing wrong with my old nose, it didn’t get attention for being ugly, but the new one is great! I’m very happy.”

16. “I only did my nose, but saw some changes in my eyes and smile.”

“No regrets, I love it!”

Have you ever thought about changing anything about your appearance? Would you dare to go in for plastic surgery?

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