17 Celebrities Show How to Look Younger with the Right Hairstyle

The first signs of aging appear on our faces through wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. And while there are cosmetic procedures or skincare products that could help us keep that youthful glow, styling our hair correctly is one anti-aging hack that doesn’t break the bank. All it takes is choosing the right cut, form, and color.

1. Long bob

The long bob, or lob, is an age-defying hairstyle that flatters most face shapes and hair textures. It accentuates the jawline and adds structure to the face. Trimming all that extra weight on your head can also make you appear fresher and younger.

2. Inverted bob

Bobs have multiple styles and lengths, and one of them is the inverted bob, which can give you an instant facelift by highlighting the cheekbones. The longer finish at the front and the stacked layers at the back also serve as the perfect compromise for those who want both long and short hair.

3. Pixie cut

The wash-and-go pixie cut brings out your amazing features, like your cheekbones and eyes. If you’re coming from long locks, this bold and sassy look can also make you feel like an entirely new person — and a younger one at that. However, each face shape requires a specific cut, so make sure to check with your hairstylist before taking the pixie plunge.

4. Shoulder-length hair

A shoulder-length cut works with all hair textures, making fine hair look chic and wavy strands ooze with volume. With the ends merely grazing the shoulders, this style frames the face and highlights the jawline, giving you a natural contour.

5. Side-swept bangs

Bangs, in general, trim years off the face by making it look smaller. But the wrong kind of fringe can make you look older instead.

One option you can never go wrong with is the soft and classy side-swept style, which covers the forehead and helps conceal fine lines. It can also make round faces look more elongated, giving off a slimmer look as well.

6. Soft curls

Stiff hairstyles are a thing of the past, and you can breathe new energy into your rigid tresses by turning them into soft, curly locks. Curls are associated with vibrancy because of their volume and bounce. There are traditional and modern perming methods for all kinds of curls, or you can also style your own waves using rollers and hair irons.

7. Wavy bob

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Bobs already make you look younger, but adding a carefree, tousled look to it will make you go further back in time. With the right heating tools, you can create different waves for your bob. And pairing it with the right hair color will give you that ultimate dreamy look.

8. Wavy lob

Messy beach waves encourage a youthful image by making you look cool and energetic. According to New York hairstylist Carrie Butterworth, wavy hair is also a great texture to have, and experimenting with layers can help give off the appearance of a more luscious, healthy mane.

9. Face-framing layers

Take a cue from actress Jennifer Aniston, who still looks radiant in her golden years, thanks to her face-framing layers. The best part is, this hairstyle can shave years and shed pounds off your face. For women with thicker strands, Butterworth suggests getting layers toward the ends rather than around the face.

10. Blonde or lighter shades

One study found that when it comes to hair, people generally associate blonde and light brown shades with youth, health, and attractiveness. Nowadays, there’s a wide range of blonde hues, from platinum to ash, and you can easily choose one that suits your complexion and personality.

11. Layered with highlights

Hairstylist Peter Oon explains that highlights can help soften facial features. Master colorist Jennifer Sarchet also says that highlights are an effective way of hiding gray strands because, aside from the light colors blending easily, the reflection they create draws attention away from our aging roots.

12. Choppy hairstyle

Choppy haircuts can scrape 10 years off your age and make you feel younger from within because of their flirty and edgy appeal. These textured, jagged ends can also be applied to various hair lengths, depending on which style best suits your silhouette.

13. Blunt cut

A blunt cut is a cute way of achieving healthier hair by getting rid of damaged ends. It’s also extremely versatile and low-maintenance. Celebrity stylist Gregory Patterson suggests keeping the weight line light if you’re worried about the straight cut making you appear too childlike.

14. Big chop

Sometimes, all you need to do to wipe the years away is to go for the big chop. Butterworth describes short haircuts as non-surgical facelifts because longer weaves tend to highlight sagging features.

Celebrity hairdresser and hairstylist to the royal family Denise McAdam also says that shorter haircuts, especially those ending at the jawline, act like facelifts and can make you look taller.

15. Chin-length hair

A chin-grazing haircut can turn heads, especially when it’s done right. This chic hairstyle draws attention to the jawline, and you can even look younger by jazzing it up with hair accessories. Plus, you’d be surprised to know that there are actually multiple chin-length hairstyles that you can go for.

16. A shaved head

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An ultra-short haircut can really rejuvenate you. Evangeline Lilly is a prime example. She shaved her head long before her role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The actress says she had fun experimenting that way.

17. Asymmetry

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Asymmetrical hairstyles like this bob are in the top of the most successful hairstyles for women over 40 years old. Stylists say it’s all about the fact that this haircut shows the character of a woman and the wisdom inherent in this age.

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