18 Couples Who Ignored Their Age Difference and Now Couldn’t Be Happier

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many prejudices concerning relationships. Even now, couples with a large age gap still get judged by many. But the protagonists of our article couldn’t care less about other people’s opinion, they’re simply loving each other’s company. So we present you with a compilation of these couples that will hopefully warm your heart.

«38F & 56M. Next month will be a year for us!»

“My (42F) husband (27M) holds my heart in ways I never even knew it needed to be held.”

«My fiancé (49M) and I (24F) are going on 3 years together! Getting married next spring!»

“Back again because we had a lovely, low key anniversary. I’m 28, he is 48.”

“43(M) 28(F) married on a cruise ship.”

“Me (33F) and my boyfriend (22M).”

“Married just over a month ago! I’m 31 and he’s 49.”

“Me (44F) and my husband (26M). 4.5 years together, and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary in July.”

“20 years older than my husband.”

“28 and 60. 8 years together, 9 months married, parents to one little angel.”

“My husband (58M) and I (36F) just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.”

“14 year gap and I’ve never been happier. 26(F) and 40(M).”

“We are now engaged! (F20, M51).”

“24M & 34F. Her smile brightens up my day.”

“Celebrating 12 years of marriage this month. 14 year age gap (M55, F41).”

“3 years of love and many more to come. I am (F51) he is (M34).”

“He proposed on my 30th Birthday after 2.5 years together. (He’s 50).”

“I’m 13 years older than he is and we’ve both never ever experienced love like this! We just got engaged! 40(F) and 27(M).”

Do you know any stories of similar relationships?

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