18+ Engagement Rings That Are So Cool Even Married People Would Want to Walk Down the Aisle Again

The tradition of exchanging wedding bands or proposing with an engagement ring is very old. Sometimes this piece of jewelry is passed from one generation to another making it even more valuable. The heroes of this article were proud to show their engagement rings and wedding bands, online which will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

At CHEERY, we are really happy for the owners of these beautiful rings. And in the bonus section, you’ll find a wonderful story of a wedding band creation.

1. “We designed it together.”

“Blue sapphire, a diamond baguette, and 2 padparadscha sapphires in pink and orange. The orange one becomes yellow-green in the evening.”

2. “I decided on my wedding band. It’s a little different but I love it!”

3. “I’m obsessed with my fiancé’s incredible proposal.”

4. “I said yes to my best friend.”

5. “I’m engaged!”

6. “My engagement ring is here.”

7. “Celebrating our first anniversary! I never get tired of staring at my set.”

8. “I’m in love with my ring! 3-stone using an heirloom diamond from my great-grandmother as the center stone.”

“The best part was knowing that I am carrying a bit of family history with me.”

9. “This is my ring, and the incredible box my fiancé put it in.”

10. “I definitely chose it for its mermaid vibes due to my love of the ocean.”

11. “I’m in love with my pear engagement ring.”

12. “I’m showing off my 2.2-carat aquamarine beauty in honor of our upcoming wedding.”

13. “After months of searching and speaking with half a dozen jewelers, I’m engaged!”

14. “I’m obsessed and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.”

15. «It happened!»

16. “My wedding band”

17. “Fancy intense pink. I could not be happier!”

18. “My 150-year-old ring”

“After 4 years together, my fiancé proposed to me using his great-grandmother’s engagement ring. What a privilege to be the fourth woman in my fiancé’s family to use this beautiful ring as her engagement ring!”

Bonus: “Custom medallion ring”

“My grandmother left me and my cousins diamonds she wanted in our wedding bands. There was a mix-up and each girl ended up with all different shapes of diamonds. This isn’t an engagement ring technically but is intended to be a part of my wedding set and a tribute to my grandmother. I love it.”

Which ring did you like the best? Do you support the idea of remaking old jewelry into modern pieces? Tell us in the comments below.

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