18 Annoying Situations That Are Lurking Around Every Corner

Some researchers believe that an average person gets irritated up to 3 times a day. This sounds quite realistic, because there are more than enough things in our lives to drive us crazy. For example, your family members may open a new jar of jam before finishing the old one. Or tourists may take up the seats on the beach but don’t actually use them. So, the only good solution when you can’t change the situation is to change your attitude to it, and start laughing instead.

“The way this tag frayed looks like my jacket has been inhabited by a large insect.”

“Our dark towels always eventually get these ‘bleach spots’. Despite the fact that we don’t use bleach in our laundry at all and none of our clothes get these spots.”

«Every time I use my wife’s vehicle. Every. Single. Time.»

“Woman thinks the airplane is her house.”

“My wife doesn’t change the toilet paper normally but prefers it this way.”

“This ever happen to anyone else?”

“My husband keeps opening new jars of jam before he’s even finished the last one.”

And how about the situations when something like this happens?

“It was supposed to be cream filled.”

Interestingly, sometimes reality may even exceed expectations.

“Reserving your prime location beach chairs at 7am with your towels and at noon you’re still AWOL.”

“My mom locked my Switch and I can’t find the key.”

Well, children can surprise parents, too.

“Decided to clean my room since it was looking bad, here’s the before and after my brother came in.”

“No matter how much I wash my car, I can’t have a clean car because the neighbor’s cat walks on it with muddy paws.”

By the way, cats can actually do more that walk on cars.

“The hairbrush my daughter leaves hanging in the shower.”

«The way my girlfriend leaves the carton of eggs...»


“This banana is so straight, it will not fit into my banana box.”

“It’s 3am. There are no lights on in my house. My neighbor has installed a floodlight that lights up my house (including my bedroom) from 7pm to 7am every night.”

“Spent an hour perfectly roasting this potato for dinner, only to cut it open and find this.”

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