18 Experiences That Prove That the Service Industry Will Never Let You Get Bored

Few of us expect surprises when going to the shops, cafés, or other places of service. But as it turns out, customers and employees alike have a lot to say on this subject. That’s why we’ve compiled some particularly colorful stories from people who have, in one way or another, been involved with this sector.

“Customer brought in a 1934 thousand dollar bill. After ten years in banking finally got to see one in person.”

“Got eloped this weekend then went out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. We asked our waiter to take a picture of us and this was the only one he got.”

“A customer at the shop I used to work at asked if he could show me his pride and joy, and pulled this out.”

“My therapist’s tea mug. Sits there in front of you during therapy.”

“A client just paid me in $1 bills.”

“Server removed when asked. No idea why this was applied.”

“This client’s phone cord.”

“I walked into my local store and asked for a frequent buyer discount card.”

“One of my dad’s clients brought in his poodles; my dad was impressed.”

«My friend complained to our waiter that there wasn’t a lemon in his water...»

“Every staple I’ve removed from client documents at my office job.”

“This waiter’s tiny handwriting in his notepad.”

“Jewelry left behind in our restaurant by customers.”

“My local meat pie shop puts the animal on top so you can tell what type it is.”

“My hairdresser decided to draw my head before shaving the design in.”

“A guest at one of my tables at work noticed my House Targaryen pin. I received this as my tip.”

“Brace yourself. Tips are coming.”

“Friend owns a salon. Client asked if she could bring her dog since he’s well behaved. This was him the entire appt.”

“Chips, in a bag, in a hard hat, in Toluca.”

What stories do you have about the service industry?

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