18 Finds That Show How Life Can Surprise Us

Every day, when we follow our normal routine or even stay at home, we don’t expect that we might come across a surprise or some special find. No matter whether these artifacts are scary or cute, they will definitely distract us from our schedule and widen our concept of ordinary things. We prepared a compilation of stories from people’s lives who experienced both sorrow and joy from their findings. As a bonus, we prepared a pic for you where you can check your attentiveness and try to find an animal.

“When ripping out my ceiling drywall I found a report card from 1957 that a kid must have hidden up. Someone failed the 8th grade.”

“Never a big fan of school, he decided to join the military while in high school. During his service to the country, Jim worked as an aircraft mechanic, a skill that came quite naturally to him. James ‘Jim’ Willis Frees passed away peacefully in the early morning hours of October 10, 2020, at his home.”

“My mom’s purse was stolen in the ’80s. Today someone messaged her that they found it deep in the woods.”

“The leather was all destroyed, but she is getting some cool keepsakes back. The person reached out to my mom on Facebook Messenger after finding her profile.”

“Cleaning out an old apartment and found a 1982 Coca-Cola screwdriver set.”

“Found an overdue rental at my mom’s house from 1994.”

“We’ve lived in this house since 2017. Today we found a secret shelf in the broom cupboard. On that shelf, we found this.”

“Found my dad’s old phone.”

“Found an old book, found some old money.”

“Found behind a closet in my old room. I had totally forgotten that I had glued this poster of Rome on the wall as a teenager.”

“Going through some old stuff and found my Pogs, including these Simpsons ones.”

“Found a cookie I made as a child for my mom’s first Mother’s Day after she left my abusive dad still in my mom’s freezer — I’m 28 now.”

“Found this while cleaning my grandmother’s phone case. It’s from my grandfather. They’ve been together for almost 50 years.”

“Original Victorian tiling hiding under the carpet in the lobby of our 1889 Terrace.”

“Asked my dad what this thing is and what its purpose is. He said I need to plug it in to listen to AC/DC.”

“I’m a grown man, but when I found these in the basement of my old house I couldn’t resist taking them back with me.”

“Uncovering layers of wallpaper today... how sweet is this pattern?!”

“Converting our cellar at home, builders found a newspaper from 1880 in a void.”

  • I was a contractor for 10 years and in every house I remodeled, I would put a newspaper or something in a wall before the drywall went up. We always loved finding this kind of stuff, hopefully, somebody in 100 years will find what we hid. © tycr0 / Reddit

“This art completes me.”

“I found a lizard with his head stuck in an acorn this afternoon.”

Bonus: This fox lying on leaves

What finds have scared or pleased you? Do you like to look through the stuff from your childhood?

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