18 Photos Proving That Your Next Cool Find May Be Lurking Just Around the Corner

Our world is full of the most unusual things. Even the most ordinary day can at some point bring something extraordinary, which a person will immediately want to share with the whole world. You never know what you might find: a piece of wedding cake from 1957 or a sturdy safe lying right on the shore.

“I ate this camera-pill yesterday, since the doctors wanted to see my whole digestive system from inside. It takes 2 photos per second and even has leds incorporated. Yep, we are on that point of history.”

“Attachment for massage gun is made to look (and feel) like a finger.”

“A piece of my grandparents’ wedding cake from 1957.”

“Doll came with a tiny phone that has a tiny broken screen.”

“This randomly illuminated patch of street.”

“The bubbles at the bottom of my water glass look like a script of some kind.”

“Found my slimmer alter ego on the bus stop commercial.”

“I found this blue-tongued lizard in my Aussie kitchen.”

“This elevator has foot buttons.”

“This weird amalgamated flower grew up in my grandma’s garden.”

“Found this tiny house built in a tree in the middle of a forest.”

“So I found this on the beach at low tide. Feel like I should be doing something.”

“Unopened can of coke from Japan I found at the beach in Alaska!”

“I was taking a picture of this cloud that looks like a feather when a bird flew into the shot.”

“Ate oysters today and found a super tiny pearl.”

“Was at the beach and found a shell with barnacles on it that makes it look like an anatomically correct heart.”

“This building I’m in has a hole that goes across all the floors.”

“My 1st grader lost a tooth during class and the school sent it home in this tiny, tooth-shaped container.”

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