18 People Recreated Their Favorite Old Photos With Their Loved Ones

Our photo archives are a treasure trove of magical emotions and warm nostalgia. It’s so nice when some people don’t let treasured pictures from the past fade from memory and recreate them many years later. We couldn’t ignore this tradition, so we’re sharing the most vivid examples of such photos from the web.

“Our daughter flawlessly recreated our 30-year-old senior photos.”

“2000 to 2015. 3 cousins.”

“My grandmother posing me on the end of the Rock Island Dam, 1964 and then me in the same spot 2022.”

“Grandkids in 1994 vs 2022.”

“My dad and I. Same park, 33 years apart.”

“Take two: 1992-2022. Didn’t miss a beat.”

“My daughter and stepdaughter, but she wasn’t my stepdaughter until a year ago. 2011 to 2022.”

“Me and my brother around 10 years later.”

“My boyfriend as a fresh baby and now at 24.”

“I fused an old picture of my mom (left) with a picture of myself (right).”

“I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago.”

“Me. Age unknown and age 32.”

«2017 vs 2023... I appreciate art a lot more now!»

“It took a lot of searching, but my fiancé and I finally found the same spot in Central Park where my grandparents took this photo back in the 40s.”

“My childhood best friends and I recreated our favorite photo after not seeing them for 10 years.”

“Married on our 15th dating anniversary, tried to recreate a picture from Junior Prom.”

“Found this from a few years ago, when my dad recreated a picture of him with his childhood dog with our new puppy.”

“Family traditions are important. Me in 1994, Daughter 1 in 2020, Daughter 2 in 2023.”

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