18 People Who Just Wanted to Make a Purchase, But Learned a Tough Lesson Instead

No one likes to get into bad situations, let alone to lose money. Many people have had to learn through their own experience how easily they could lose their savings if they stumbled upon someone else’s negligence or even fraud. We found situations that prove that it doesn’t matter how much a person pays, there’s no way to be protected from disappointing purchases. Some tricks from dishonest companies can con even the most experienced clients.

“I went to go eat my cheesecake and almost poured ketchup all over it. They put a ketchup container inside with my ‘strawberry cheesecake’ instead of the strawberry topping.”

“My $240 Anatomy textbook is just a ream of paper.”

“My parents got a cake from a bakery to surprise my 4-year-old niece. Not only was it covered in fondant, but half of it was polystyrene foam.”

“A friend of mine once bought a mini pig. It unexpectedly grew into a 250 pound pig.”

When you dream about an ice cream cone, buy it, unwrap it, and see this...

It’s not as yummy as it looks on the package.

This real cactus has fake flowers stabbed into it to make it sell better.

“Natural brown sugar” doesn’t mean that it’s natural at all.

This art supply kit is like those puffed-up bags of potato chips...

This dressing doesn’t have avocado, it suggests that you try it with avocado.

“I thought there would be more cheese.”

It says “Printed All Over” and they deliberately leave the pattern on the outside of the package.

It’s guaranteed beef pork.

So much waste just to make the jar look a little bigger

This flashlight contains a block of concrete so it feels heavier and sturdier.

3 pencils? Let’s take a closer look...

“I chose the bottle because a tube wasn’t enough!”

“What I ordered and what I got.”

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