18 People Who Went Through a Lot to Find Themselves

Many people spend a lifetime working on themselves. And it’s so inspiring to see those who have found their inner strength and have finally achieved their fullest potential, building on their dreams. These are the kind of heroes we wanted to share with the world, so we’ve made this compilation for you.

“Having the courage to ask for help saved my life.”

“Despite having alopecia for 11 years and being bullied all throughout my childhood, I can confidently say that I am a beautiful woman.”

“I only started to feel this way within the last 2 years, and it’s so freeing to know that being bald is ok and it doesn’t define my worth!”

“I’m MTF, and today is officially one year on hormones! Life is so much brighter now.”

“20 to 23. Somehow I look like the father of myself”

“26 and 29”

“In the left picture, I’m recovering from facial reconstruction surgery after a big trauma. It was my second surgery, so I knew what to expect and that the swelling would eventually die down.”

“Was called Megamind, Jimmy Neutron... Eight weeks later and feeling a lot more confident in how I look.”

“Decided to get my life together and focus on my health and fitness. I’m still on my journey but loving where I am now.”

“The difference a year and a new job makes.”

“Left a job that was very toxic and putting my family at risk. Took a job where I am valued as a person and not treated like an inconvenience. Made a focus on family. Find I am more present in life now.”

“Five years of progress. I’ve always been super skinny and could never put on any weight. I started training, and here are my results.”

“Rhinoplasty two months post-operation. Still lots of swelling to go away, but overall I’m so happy I went through with it.”

“9.5 months post-op from jaw surgery!”

“Crazy how much change has happened in a year. Really starting to see her now.”

“Lost the glasses, still have the coat though”

“Filler for my tear trough. Super happy with the results!”

“5.5-month update”

“16 and 31”

“18 to 25. Grew a beard. New haircut and glasses”

“In 2017, I was Clark Kent, and in 2023, I’m a Superwoman”

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