18 Photos Before and After, Proving That We Should Appreciate Both Small and Big Victories

The lives of most of us are about victories. Some take years to achieve, and others only require hours. But each of them deserves a pinch of admiration, which is why the people from today’s compilation posted the photos of their achievements online.

We at CHEERY are convinced that the more support a person gets, the more they are capable of. So, take a look at these heroes right here.

“I have finally recovered from severe anxiety, and bulimia. Found the picture on the left (5 years ago) and compared it to the picture I took on Sunday, and I was overcome with joy.”

“Before and after”

“I ran my first race and I did not finish last! Fun fact: I was looking for myself in pics and missed this one, because I didn’t recognize myself.”

“Before and after spine fusion. This was from 3 years ago. Rods are permanent unless I want another major surgery to remove them, which is pretty much unnecessary.”

“When I got my bottle baby at 2 weeks, he was full of infections and buggies. On May 21, is his first birthday and the only thing he is full of is food and love.”

“Before and after, got my veneers in today. What a difference 2 teeth make.”

“275 lbs lost. Same spot, 3 years apart! So much happier and healthier!”

“I detail cars, this is a before and after.”

“After 19 foster dogs, we finally failed to say goodbye to one. Happy Adoption Day, Gus!”

«One year of hard work!»

“My daughter started drawing a couple of years ago. She practiced every day and made huge leaps in just a few months. These are her before and after.”

“Before and after cut and color. I cut it at a salon and bleached and dyed it at home. I am beyond happy with the result!”

“Ruby, first day home to about a year later.”

«Over a year of weightlifting and (almost) getting rid of disordered eating habits!»

“Garden before and after from the day we got the keys.”

“This before and after DIY guitar kit with hand-carved details.”

“My 2-year fitness journey.”

“My 90-years-old grandmother’s handwriting before and after her focused ultrasound essential tremor treatment.”

Do you have any achievements, or changes, that you’re proud of?

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