18 Photos in the Spirit of “How It Started vs. How It’s Going” That Prove the Sky Is the Limit

According to scientists, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. To succeed in these goals, experts recommend following several rules. One of them is to be motivated by other people’s experience. You can read their biographies or memoirs or look at photos that show the results of their work.

“A year and a half ago, I bought a bike and started riding it. Today, I finished my first sprint triathlon.”

“I wanted to write a book about bullying since my experiences in grade school. My cashier job wouldn’t let me use a notebook, so I started writing it on receipts. This year, I published my novel.”

“My son and his best friend, both told their survival rate would be around 2%. Left photo is from the first day of school. The right one is from graduation this evening.”

“I was so unhappy behind that beard. Tonight, I took the right photo and smiled. I feel proud to be a trans woman and grateful to finally be comfortable.”

«After having bitten my nails since basically forever, I finally managed to stop. Personally think I’ve made a good amount of progress!»

«My first cat drawing vs recent one. If you are not happy with your results right now, just keep going. Eventually you will improve!»

“On September 7, 2020, I got in a car accident. Doc said I’d never run again. Today I finished my first marathon.”

“My first-year flower garden, from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.”

“Texas Couple, ca. 1900, one of the hardest restorations and colorizations I’ve done so far. Working time, about 15 hours.”

“I’ve struggled with having gray hair since a young age. 3 years ago, I decided to stop using dye and let my hair grow. It’s okay to have gray hair at any age.”

“My home office got an upgrade! Feeling proud of this DIY project we completed today.”

“Everyone said I was out of my mind 3 years ago when I started growing a pineapple from the one I bought at the grocery store. Well, who’s laughing now?”

“Me 20 years ago loving painting vs me now trying to make a career out of it and still loving it.”

“How it started 9 years ago and how it looks today.”

“Left is the first ever Moon shot I took in 2014. Right is a photo where I took 1012 Exposures of the First Quarter Moon in 2020. Both images were taken with the exact same gear.”

“2 years ago today, I survived an extremely risky surgery. I was 93 pounds, today I am 193 pounds. I’ve come a very long way, I am thankful for life every day I wake up.”

“This marker drawing took me 135 hours to make.”

“2 years ago I was out of shape, unhealthy, and had to hold my breath to tie my shoes. This morning, I’m the best shape of my life at 36.”

Would you like to share some of your victories too?

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