18 Side-by-Side Photos That Prove These People Are Related Even Better Than a DNA Test

We tend to simply accept the fact that we look like our living relatives or ancestors. However, some people bear such a striking resemblance to our relatives from the past that it might seem that nature just copy-pastes us. Internet users often share photos like this online, and we’ve chosen the best ones for you.

“My great-great grandfather (left), 1862, and me (right), 2022”

“If it weren’t for DNA test, I would never have matched with a half-first cousin and discovered that I look a lot like my biological paternal grandmother.”

“My great-grandfather, grandfather, my mom, and me. Alone, I don’t look Filipino but together I like to think I can see the resemblance.”

“My grandfather in the 1950s and me in 2010”

“I always hated my teeth, but then I realized my great-grandma had the same tooth gap I do, and it makes our smiles crooked.”

She was a quiet lady like me, but she was an orphan and had a horrible life. I will never look at my teeth the same. They came from a lady who suffered immense sadness and grief. © Natural_Money_7591 / Reddit

«My brother in 1992 and his son in 2022»

“For Halloween this year, I recreated the portrait of my seventh great-grandmother, Mary Brooke Prentis.”

“Me and my grandfather 67 years apart”

«A photo of myself and both my grandmothers at age 17»

«My father in junior high and myself in second grade»

“Great-grandma and I around the same age”

“4 generations of my maternal line since immigrating to the United States”

“My mom on the left and me on the right, both about 2 years old. I can do the same with high school as well.”

“A photo comparison between my maternal grandfather and me. I believe I really look like him, I miss him so much.”

«My third great aunt Emma Jean and I»

“Maternal grandfather (1950) and me (2021)”

«My mom at 27 years old and me at the same age»

«Me and my grandfather, 75 years apart»

Do you look like one of your relatives? Which one?

Preview photo credit beaniebaby729 / Reddit
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