18 Times Nature Decided to Show Humans Its True Power

Outdoor activities can help reduce anxiety and boost our overall mood, a study says. However, sometimes nature simply isn’t up for a good time. There are multiple examples online of how Mother Earth has put a spanner in people’s plans, and they’re nothing short of bewildering. We selected a few images that perfectly showcase nature’s power to create a bit of chaos.

1. “These fans are hardcore.”

2. “The thickness of ice on my windshield in Romania”

3. “Maybe a bit too much rain...”

4. “There was only a 20% chance of rain overnight.”

5. “The rain ruined the Denver Chalk Art Festival.”

6. “Cars parked in underground parking were covered in snow overnight.”

7. “My landlord spray-painted this tree guard and the wind blew the paint onto this person’s car.”

8. “The wind blew my chimney right off.”

9. “The weather doesn’t care what kind of car you drive.”

10. “I see your scenic photos ruined by the weather and raise you the time I fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting the Taj Mahal.”

11. “This is what happens in my hometown when you don’t leave the faucet trickling in the winter.”

12. “I hate freezing rain.”

13. “A storm came through. The plastic furniture barely moved, but the grill blew 30 feet into the pool.”

14. “Got a call earlier that a tree fell on my house.”

15. “It took my brother 5 miles on a snow mobile for him to find his cabin after leaving town for a week.”

16. “They didn’t cancel school, so my brother had to burrow a tunnel out so we could make it to class.”

17. “Some really bad rain today in Toronto. I was on the GO train when it started raining.”

18. “It’s a good thing he put his wipers up.”

When was the last time bad weather ruined your plans? Do you have a photo that would fit perfectly in this compilation? Leave it in the comments!

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