18 Women Who Chose to Live a Razor-Free Life

You need a lot of courage to go against social stereotypes. The heroines of our article also decided to challenge society and stopped shaving their bodies, experimenting with new looks and ideas about beauty. We wanted to share this collection of photos featuring these strong women.

“I’m happy with my hairy beach legs. I used a lightening spray and the sun to gradually get to blonde.”

“I haven’t shaved in 2 years.”

«True female empowerment. Here’s my contribution!»

“My scar and hairy legs. I love them both.”

«My new happy medium: the armpit landing strip»

“I’ve always hated how women are supposed to always be hairless.”

“Razor-free, and my skin is so much happier.”

«Society needs to accept women have hair too!»

«Loving my fuzzy legs»

“12 years razor free! I took this for my sweetie.”

“I’ve only shaved once in my entire life. Why? Never again.”

“When I was young, I worried about people thinking body hair was gross. Then I got older and now I have no worries about that. Glitter on baby. Life’s a lot more simple without shaving.”

“I don’t care about wearing long pants anymore.”

«Someone I know relaxing...»

“I’m a female with body hair.”

“A professional dress doesn’t require shaving.”

“I went out in public in a skirt for the first time since I stopped shaving my legs. It was a little scary but exhilarating. No one noticed to my knowledge!”

“I suffered with body image issues. I was so afraid of gaining weight, let alone muscle due to what society expects of women. Started working out and this is my progress.”

What do you think about the razor-free movement?

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