19 Girls Bragged About a Piece of Jewelry That Definitely Costs More Than Its Actual Price

Most often, our rings and earrings are not just pieces of jewelry but items that hide a whole story. Some thoroughly choose the very bracelet that will reflect their individuality, while others inherit their valuables. And then there are those who make jewelry themselves. But no matter what, people are happy to boast about their new pieces. We decided to find out what items of jewelry leave women all over the world excited, no matter if it’s an engagement ring with diamonds or a handmade bijou.

“Together 6 years, married 2, preggo 7 months, and just got the engagement and wedding band upgrade of my dreams.”

“This is a 24k ring my grandmother passed down to me from when she graduated medical school, I believe.”

“I made jewelry from ordinary macaroni! How do you like this idea?”

“Found a neet sterling silver necklace for $20 at the flea market today.”

“This was my great-grandma’s ring that made its way to me. Its blue topaz and diamond. Has anyone ever seen a gemstone cut like this?”

“I made these barnacle rings with 18k yellow gold and pastel-colored sapphires.”

“My recent cloisonné enamel pendant”

“My boyfriend got me this gorgeous ring for my birthday.”

“He’s from Hawai’i and wanted me to have something that represented the islands. The band and leaves are gold, in the shape of maile leaves. The stone is black coral, which is the state gem!”

“After 8 years together, he finally proposed and I’m obsessed.”

“I just inherited my grandmother’s 11-diamond bracelet for my college graduation. I am still shocked!”

“Wanted to see how pearls would look with copper, so I did this.”

“Head-over-heels for my ’new’ late-Victorian garnet and seed pearl beauty!”

“I have a small collection of vintage/antique rings, and I think this one is my new favorite!”

“A 14k yellow gold diamond and ruby bracelet I fabricated using my clients’ old jewelry!”

“I absolutely love making colorful necklaces embellished with beautiful crystals.”

“My mother-in-law gave me her mother’s ring and gave me her blessing to change it however I wanted. Here’s the before and after.”

“Bought this antique opal ring and I can’t get over how gorgeous the stone is!”

“Just finished counting this piece, 350 diamonds total. Hope y’all enjoy this beauty as much as I do!”

“Found a $15 ring hiding in the bottom of a case at an antique store, fell in love with the setting, and had it changed to a beautiful opal. My dream ring now exists, and it’s mine.”

“My future mother-in-law gave me the center diamond from her old ring, and it couldn’t be more perfect!”

What do you prefer to wear: jewelry or bijou?

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