19 Men Grew Beards and Now They Wish They’d Done It Earlier

When a man wants to change something about his appearance, the first thing that comes to mind is to grow a beard. The following people went for a radical transformation, and it was the right choice — nobody had ever seen them looking so cool before.

We at CHEERY just couldn’t walk past these photos. Beards changed these men so much that even their parents couldn’t recognize them.

1. “For years I’d have a really short beard that I’d regularly buzz down, but I started growing it out long in 2018.”

2. “Shouldn’t have waited so long to grow a beard. I look like two different people.”

3. “The power of the beard and of shaving your head when you’re losing your hair.”

4. “Halfway through my ’No Shave 2021′ project”

5. “15 to 21. Sometimes puberty hits like a truck.”

6. “After 10 years, I can actually rock a proper beard.”

7. “17 months in. How it started vs. how it’s going.”

8. “15 vs. 19. What puberty, weight loss, and a beard can do for you.”

9. “Officially 6 months. Side by side for comparison.”

10. “The evolution of the beard. Never going back.”

11. “The difference a beard makes. I’m 21 years old.”

12. “Started from the bottom, and we’re almost there.”

13. “16 to 23. A beard and puberty make a world of difference.”

14. “Sparse beard case study — 2 month checkpoint”

15. “If you have this hair as I had, go and grab a razor, and do it. Confidence is everything. On the left picture, I was 17 years old, I’m 20 now.”

16. “Growing a beard and changing the hairstyle. Small changes — big differences.”

17. “17 to 19. A beard and the gym can do wonders.”

18. “20 vs. 35. Beard, long hair, and gaining a bit of weight made all the difference.”

19. “Back when I couldn’t grow any facial hair and glued construction paper to my face to see what it would look like if I had a beard, and now.”

What appearance experiments have you had in your life?

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