19 People Whose Unusual Features Make Them Stand Out From the Crowd

Humans are one of the most unique species on our planet. In addition to countless combinations of our external qualities, many of us can boast features or characteristics of our bodies that set us apart. Some of them can bring a chuckle or a smile to those around us, whereas others can leave you truly amazed.

1. “My friend has double toes.”

2. “My tongue is somewhat long, but it can also expand to fill my open mouth.”

3. “My baby’s hairy ears.”

4. “Each of my hands is a different size, shape, and color.”

5. “I can bend my toes back to my foot.”

6. “My facial hair grows in a spiral on one side.”

7. “I’ve got too many bones in my mouth.”

8. “My son has a spiral belly button.”

9. “Here’s my black light freckle mask, always like to freak out my students with it. Yes, I gots tons of sun damage growing up.”

10. “I have tentacles under my tongue. Apparently, not everyone does?”

11. “If I flex my upper lip and cover my mouth it looks like I have a tiny mouth.”

12. “The palm of my hand grows hair after a skin graft I got a few years ago.”

13. “Her birthmark created awesome highlights.”

14. “To all the people with four fingers. Kneel before me”

15. “My natural hair is brown with blonde patches.”

16. “Ever since breaking my wrist, I occasionally lose circulation in that hand.”

17. “My feet are totally flat.”

18. “My coworker’s beard naturally grows in a circle on his cheek.”

19. “My ring and middle finger are concerned.”

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