20+ Before and After Photos Which Show That Nothing Can Stop a Person Determined to Achieve Their Dreams

Everyone finds happiness in different places, and most of us take small steps towards it every day. But there are people whose changes are so significant that it would just be unwise not to brag about them online. So we’ve compiled some photos of these people in one place to give them as much good energy as possible.

“6 months post-operation period.”

“The left is the last picture I took before working towards who I am today.”

«The difference a shave and a haircut can make (and 2 years of better nutrition, exercise, hydration, sleep, skincare, etc.)»

“After being told that I was going bald due to severe anxiety I showed anxiety who’s the boss. I thought I would never have a normal hairline again.”

“3 years, down 45kg, happier & healthier, keep going.”

«10+ years of orthodonture finally completed today. I can bite!»

“A year ago I came home from a 4.5 month hospital stay. I couldn’t walk more than a few feet. Today I am up thirty pounds and can run with my kid again.”

“After being insecure about my receding hairline, I took the plunge and shaved my head bald and grew a goatee. Feeling much more confident now, like a new man.”

“Before and after I beat my acne! Took some years but here i am, with new self-esteem!”

“My ex took my kids away 6 years ago. I let myself go, my teeth all but fell out. But after $55K and a new lease on life, I can smile with the world for the first time in over 6 years.”

“200 lbs lighter, 100% happier and healthier.”

“Before and after facial feminization surgery.”

“Always beautiful, now more confident. 2014 and 2019.”

“It’s been a long journey.”

“Botox in forehead, bunny lines, jaw, brow, plus cheek and lip filler. Some weight loss as well.”

“A weeeee little trim. I’m thinking 2-3 inches longer to hit my goal length.”

“Before & after 6 months rhinoplasty.”

“First picture was the peak of my depression. Second is a recent one after almost an year of medication and self-care.”

“No more braces or acne and better skincare. Still figuring out my hair and fashion sense but I’m happy I got rid of the Bieber swoop.”

«Low calorie, high protein meals!»

“2.5 years later and I’m so close to my end goal. To anyone just starting their weight loss journey, if I can do it so can you.”

Should have included explanation about lips in my post. Allergic reaction caused the lip swelling... the rest of the swelling was due to being 350lb. © bigbadwolfs125 / Reddit

What changes have you been through in your life?

Preview photo credit bigbadwolfs125 / Reddit
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