20+ People Shared Old Photos That Are So Funny, You’ll Get a Stitch From Laughing

Many of us have photos in our old albums that we want to hide away in a safe with a combination lock. But the internet users in today’s compilation haven’t been shy in sharing such pictures with the rest of the world, and we can’t get enough of them. Here we’ve made you a kind of photo album of particularly successful shots.

“My boyfriend of three years finally decided to show me his baby picture...”

“1999, Tony Hawk phase. Yes, those are shorts.”

“So my friend Sanchez has the most suave baby picture I’ve ever seen.”

“Apparently, this is what I used to insist on wearing.”

“My friend’s baby picture looks like he’s a tiny chef trying to poop.”

“My sister and I, 1992. Our parents should have been arrested.”

“As a baby, I slept a lot. The photographer had to wake me up constantly for a ‘decent’ picture.”

“Used hair gel to make fake dreads. May have had a small Korn obsession”

“Just a picture of my girlfriend as a baby being held by her sister”

“15-year-old me is the reason I use when people ask why I shave my hair so short now.”

“My best picture of me as a baby”

“32 years ago today, I had my 15 minutes of fame.”

“I really tried copying the Justin Bieber hairstyle and acted like a ‘bad boy’ back then for girls. I wake up at night sometimes thinking about it.”

“Is the blunder my acid wash and awful hair? Or taking my cat to see Alf?!”

“My school picture at age 6. I call it vampire demon who acquired scissors and cut her own bangs.”

“I loooved the Spice Girls.”

“It’s the season! My sister sends me this every year at this time.”

“Ten-year-old me. Clip-on tie and strange hair extensions”

“The year was 2007, and I thought I looked cool.”

“This is the only baby photo I have.”

“As a kid, I really wanted to be a musician and, evidently, speed up puberty.”

“The only baby picture I have... Why?”

What hilarious antics do you remember from your youth?

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