20+ People Who Can Only Be Trusted With a Spoon in the Kitchen

We all sometimes get the urge to treat ourselves and our loved ones to a good meal. But some people seem to be under a “culinary curse”, and sometimes only make disasters happen in the kitchen. We’ve decided to make a compilation of these mishaps so that everyone who drops their next dish on the floor knows that they’re not alone in this.

“Cooked some pot pies only to have the bulb explode glass all over the top”

“Tightened my oven’s handle a bit too tight. Friendly reminder that hand tight can be tight enough sometimes”

“Just rented a recreational vehicle for the weekend, forgot to take off the glass when cooking”

“Crockpot lid shattered for no reason while I was cooking lentils”

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemon bars and then drop them on the kitchen floor”

“Dropped my peeper shaker right by my dinner with shards landing in the dishes”

«Bird: 1, Kitchen shears: 0»

«Dish exploded in the oven»

«We used to have a dish strainer»

“Took a glass casserole dish out of a 450-degree oven and without thinking tossed it in the sink and ran cold water in it. It snapped immediately”

“My dish decided it was game over in the microwave”

“The way my sister cooks her ramen and lets the noodles burn onto the pan then wants someone else to clean her dish”

“I drop the colander when cooking”

“Attempted scrambled eggs, too much milk I think”

“I stopped it about 6 minutes into it after yellow smoke was billowing out of the side vents”

“I love my girlfriend. She tries really hard to cook us nice meals. Today she burned water”

“Before I got into IT I was a professional cook. My wife grew up with a maid. She decided to cook tonight”

“I asked my dad to cook meat with onions. That was the result”

“My cooking teacher pinned this poor pizza to the blackboard”

“Boyfriend tried cooking, came home to this”

“I was making Thai basil chicken then I turned around for a minute and my brother put blue food dye in it. He’s 19”

What culinary failures have you experienced?

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