20+ People Who Deserve the Laziest Person of the Year Award

Many of us work day and night, running around in circles. But some people have realized that working too hard doesn’t really change much in our life. And it’s unlikely that they are going to change their views even though everyone around calls them lazy. We don’t mind relaxing and lazing about sometimes, but we are not on the same level as these people and animals who have taken this skill to new heights.

Oops, it seems someone threw out last year’s Christmas tree.

When you’re not in the Christmas mood and just want to lie on the radiator in the same way, let the paws down and do nothing.

“It’s lazy and cheap but filling.”

“This shortcut symbolizes human laziness (yes, I use it).”

“This will do.”

“Happy 2202, everyone?!”

“We are too lazy to cook every day but not too lazy to cook everything in a day.”

“I left my Christmas lights up. Laziness paid off for once.”

“My roommate has hit new peaks of laziness.”

This is a true role model of laziness.

“I’m too lazy to run upstairs to drop these in a chest, I present my books and bones piles in the computer game.”

“People call me lazy, I call it smart.”

“My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to go get a new one.”

“Someone was a little lazy...”

“This guy wasn’t about to let 13 inches of snow or laziness stop him from getting to work on time.”

“Lazy painters. And now I have to chip away at the screws to replace them. The whole house is like this.”

“When they replaced the ceiling they were too lazy to take down the clock.”

“They were too lazy to make sushi so they slapped cheese on there.”

“This morning, the newspaper delivery was too lazy to go to 11 houses, and just dropped a pile at our house.”

“My daughter wanted a fort. I was feeling lazy.”

“I’m really lazy when it comes to putting on a costume.”

Do you like to laze about, or is it not your style? Tell us in the comments below.

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