20 People Who Discovered a New Way of Looking at Ordinary Things

Some things seem so ordinary, yet, when we switch our perception just a little bit, it turns out they aren’t that boring after all. Every day is a discovery and small gems can be found in the least expected places. These users documented curious things, and we can’t help but wonder, “Why did I never notice that before?” We picked 16 photos that will make you look at things from a different perspective.

1. “Quarter vs Document shredder”

2. “My parrot laid an egg, it’s unfertilized so I ate it.”

3. “A phone holder for selfies in a town I visited”

4. “Shaking hands with a crowned eagle”

5. “Popcorn on the cob”

6. “Here’s a hand with really long fingers.”

7. “My pencil separated when I tried to sharpen it.”

8. “Central Alberta, it got down to roughly −45°C tonight. Woke up to frost in the corner of my bedroom.”

9. “Garlic... but each one is a single clove.”

10. “Workers on a scissor lift floating in a swimming pool”

11. “Found a hermit crab using litter as a home today.”

12. “The amount of squirrels in this tree”

13. “It’s been so cold, I snapped my welcome mat!”

14. “Pyramids of Giza as seen from a nearby Pizza Hut a quarter mile away”

15. “These sand sculptures formed by strong winds eroding frozen sand”

16. “My 7-year-old had this perfect fang-looking tooth right in the middle of his 2 front adult teeth. It was removed today.”

17. This device to help medical professionals find veins

18. “A perfect snowflake landed on my dog”

19. “I accidentally took a photo of the inside of my cats eyeball”

20. “Inside of this tomato looks like a perfect strawberry”

What was the most unusual thing you have ever seen? What ordinary things turned out to be peculiar for you?

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