20+ People Who Had a Day They Would Love to Erase From Their Memory

Most people know what it’s like to “get a visit” from misfortune fairly frequently. But for the protagonists of this compilation, that visit came so mercilessly and spectacularly that online users actively flooded these examples of bad luck with likes and comments. We decided to do our part too, and publish the most striking pictures from those poor folks luck turned its back on.

“My wife said she heard a noise in the laundry room.”

“The leg room at Carnegie Hall.”

“Welp, thats the most expensive door slam of my life.”

“I just got back to my apartment after winter break and found my bathroom trashed.”

“I fell down the stairs the second time this week, this time fell back on my spine, lost my dinner, and made a hole in the wall. There goes my deposit.”

“Ripped my pants at work. On my birthday. My coworkers assured me it was ’not that noticeable’.”

“Take a guess at which window is mine.”

“This tattoo that got me fired.”

“Pepper spilled. Now I’m having pepper with a side of sunnyside eggs.”

“Going to need a bigger snowblower.”

“How we’ll be spending our evening.”

“My son had never been to a mall, and kept saying he wanted to see one. I finally decided to take him.”

“What’s the point of making an appointment to see a doctor but still waiting 1 hour later.”

“We got given a toilet light but it’s stuck on red which is the most terrifying colour to have glowing from your toilet.”

“Girlfriend broke up with me so thought I’d make a cheesecake to cheer myself up.”

“Close up photo of an 8mm kidney stone that I passed at home, naturally, without any pain medication.”

“My basic t-shirt after one wash.”

“So I let my buddy start the grill up, and I walked out to this.”

“I’m allergic to cats and slept on a cat blanket.”

Laundry can cause problems too

“I thought I was so smart for keeping a cover on my toothbrush at all times.”

What misfortunes have you experienced in your life?

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