20 People Who Made Such Unexpected Discoveries That They Wished They’d Stayed in the Dark

We make unexpected discoveries almost every day — finding out curious facts about the world around us or people close to us, finding long-lost items, and learning new functions of gadgets or household appliances. But some discoveries can be rather unsettling, so much so that having made them, you suddenly find yourself longing for the time when the truth hadn’t yet emerged.

1. “Right before I left the trampoline park, I put back on my blue shoes. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I hadn’t worn my blue shoes to the trampoline park.”

2. “My girlfriend found a slug in her salad after she ate the whole thing.”

3. “Just bought $1200 worth of cedar planks to redo the walls in my home, only to find out that I’m allergic to cedar when I started sanding them.”

4. “Discovered this at work. I bought these pants brand new a month ago.”

5. “Bought this scented candle at the dollar store yesterday. Turns out it’s actually two regular candles covered in scented wax.”

6. “A generous tip for someone working at a restaurant”

7. “Spider in our pantry”

8. “Of the 69 things they tested me for, I’m allergic to 60 of them.”

9. “I bought an old watch to learn watch repair. It did not say ‘quartz’ anywhere on the face or case. It was a quartz watch.”

10. “My new toilet seat is turning indigo.”

“After some internet research, I think that I have a chemical imbalance going on that triggered a reaction with the seat. I’m not pregnant, but I am breastfeeding and menstruating.”

11. “It’s been on my finger for 22 years. Come home from a walk around the block to find the main diamond gone.”

12. “Took some sausages out of the packaging from the freezer and fried them, turns out the sausages also had individual plastic wrappers on them. I only realized after I took a bite.”

13. “Had an unexplained allergic reaction for 12 years. Did a blood test and turns out I’m allergic to cats. We’ve had cats in our home for 15 years and we currently have two.”

14. “What is even the point of a note like this?!”

15. “Put on a pad and started to sting and feel weird immediately. Turns out they were mint infused.”

16. “Found out my bottle cap has a wooden sticker over real bamboo.”

17. “Was wondering why it took almost a day to charge these speakers until I found out the red light means fully charged.”

18. “The handle of my serving spoon snapped. Turns out the handle was full of sand, and it ruined my delicious turkey stuffing leftovers.”

19. “So it turns out these are not drawers at all.”

20. “Finally ate this piece of holiday candy my partner brought home. Turned out to be a hot cocoa bomb.”

When was the last time you made an unexpected discovery that made you want to turn back time?

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