20+ People Who Will Remember Their Trip to the Salon in a Nightmare

We go to beauty salons for a bit of pampering and, most importantly, to look good. But we’re not always pleased with the outcome. It may happen that we don’t see eye to eye with the stylist, and they do something completely different from what we were expecting.

1. “Barber’s done me dirty.”

2. “Had to go to a new nail tech because mine was on holiday. What do you think?”

3. “The salon cut my hair worse than I would.”

4. “Help! Horrible highlights”

5. “My sister’s eyebrows/fake lashes”

6. “My new cut, what do you think?”

7. “Does my haircut make me unattractive? I’m willing to do anything with this.”

8. “Hairdresser messed up my haircut, now what?”

9. “6-hour nude French tips”

10. “Spent almost $100 and around 9 hours at the salon for this”

11. “Am I unreasonable for wanting my money back?”

12. “Is this a bad haircut?”

13. “Pearl/chrome coat on my nails is peeling away.”

14. “Here is another gem for you of my HORRIBLE eyebrows.”

15. “Reference photo for the cut and the one that I got”

16. “First picture is how my friend’s wedding makeup artists did me. Second picture is after I went home and fixed what I could.”

17. “And I tipped her $10...”

18. “Can’t work out what’s been done wrong with my bob cut.”

19. “Do you think I would be able to get a refund in order to get them redone at another salon?”

20. “I just got my hair cut, and it looks horrible; I just wanted to look pretty and feminine.”

21. “Yesterday marked the first time I’ve cried in a salon because my nails were so bad”

22. “Finally decided to take the plunge and get bangs! Now I know which stylist to never go to again.”

23. “Visit the new barber in town for a buzz cut. I was walking around until this was brought to my attention...”

What has been your worst experience in a beauty salon?

Preview photo credit DaikonEmotional283 / Reddit
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