20 People Whose Features Will Not Get Out of Your Head Soon

All humans are 99.9% identical, studies suggest. However, even though we are all more similar than it may seem, some of us find an unexpected way to stand out. It may be a physical feature or a witty solution to a routinary situation, but the heroes of our article could never just mingle with “the crowd.” So we want to share their uniqueness with our readers.

1. “I found my nose in Rome.”

2. “This guy who went to buy ice cream on horseback.”

3. “One of my pupils is always constricted.”

4. “Summer feet”

5. “Bucket for additional protection”

6. “I work outdoors, this is the color difference between my hand and my foot.”

7. “I made a Thor: Love and Thunder 3D-printed helmet!”

8. “A deer licking my husband/Disney Princess at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the ’90s”

9. “My friend and I painted this 3D illusion in Chicago last week.”

10. “This car has some grass growing from the trunk.”

11. “My very normal brother and his normal outfit he wears all the time.”

12. “I’m the guy from math problems.”

13. “A solar eclipse, projected onto my forehead”

14. “My mosquito bite turned into the shape of a key.”

15. “The way my son’s pupil developed”

16. “My little brother’s extra thumb”

17. “Stitches in my eye following a corneal transplant”

18. “I can bend my thumb to form a 90-degree angle.”

19. “When I try to smile, half of my mouth doesn’t go up.”

20. “My vasculature (left) compared to my man Cody’s (right)”

Do you have a unique feature that makes you stand out?

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