20+ Talented People Who Made the Coolest Things

It’s always nice to watch professionals at work, and it doesn’t matter if they had a special education or are self-taught: what matters is that it’s impossible to take your eyes off their work. With just a sewing machine, a needle, some thread, and a lot of imagination, you can have outfits that were literally given a second life.

“I recreated an early 1900s illustration butterfly dress!”

Can you believe what this dress is made of?

“I revamped an old maxi dress.”

“Upcycled from a curtain and blanket I found at a thrift store!”

“Embroidered red lips with a crystal cherry pin”

“My first serious ebroidery”

“I made this Viking and these crows for my son. He wanted something in black and white and ’a man with a beard and birds.’”

“I’ve made some warm scarves using natural silk and wool.”

“I’m a sewist on a tight budget who recreates expensive dresses.”

“Tried to recreate a ’60s inspired dress from The Queen’s Gambit.

“This is what I made yesterday.”

“My favorite dress I’ve made so far — made from 100% thrifted materials!”

“Sometimes 1 + 1 = 1! 2 garage sale shirts become one balloon sleeve wrap shirt and a kerchief.”

“Turned an old sweatshirt and some scrap fabric into a sweater dress.”

“Upcycled a thrifted suit by painting on it! It took me about 30 hours, but I love the result.”

A bustier top from old jeans

“I upcycled 3 old T-shirts into 1 new one!”

“A sunflower tie-dye set that I made”

IKEA bags can turn into a windbreaker.

What you can make from an old man’s polo

“Had some old jeans lying around so I tried my hand at fabric painting. A few days of sewing and painting and I’m pretty happy with the result.”

“My take on Princess Di’s black revenge dress”

“I self drafted this Wednesday Addams costume from scratch, I didn’t use a pattern”

Album Online / East News, © iregusa / Reddit

“The perfect holiday dress: stretchy, velvety, and plenty of room for when I inevitably eat too much”

Bonus: “Been sewing shirts and matching ties for my 5 cats. It’s been fun. Hope you like them!”

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Preview photo credit Album Online / East News, iregusa / Reddit
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