20+ Times People Perfectly Recreated Cherished Family Photos

Some pictures treasured in family photo albums are particularly heart-warming, unsurprisingly so, as they often capture moments of happiness. When you look at them, you feel almost transported back to that moment, re-experiencing the captured emotions. An even better way to immerse yourself in these snippets from the past is to try and recreate them, which is exactly what our today’s top picks decided to do.

Here at CHEERY, we love looking at these pictures, not only for the fun of comparing them, but also for the wonderful feeling of nostalgia.

«My old man and me, same age, same place, pictures taken 1987 and 2022»

«Happy Father’s Day»

«My dad standing under the Rialto Bridge in Venice in 1984 and me in the same spot 38 years later»

«Me and my Dad, same University, same place just different times»

«Me with my dad and me with my first son 39 years apart»

«12 years later, and some things still don’t change»

«Throwback Thursday, 1991-2021, back at the house I grew up in (Queens, NY)»

«This is my dad in 1977 and me now sitting in the same spot on Half Dome. I climbed it the same day he did, 45 years later»

«Today we recreated a photo of my parents from 8 days before I was born. I can’t stop smiling looking at this»

«My dad in Monument Valley in 1984, and me in the same spot in 2020. We were both age 42 at the time»

«My grandfather on his honeymoon in 1955 and me traveling for work in 2018»

«My sister, mother and I at Kennedy Space Center. 1992 and 2022»

«Not much change in 25 years»

«My daughters and their papaw, fourteen years apart»

«Me and my mom, a few years later»

«So we recreated a photo (me on top)»

«Age 2 and age 6»

«My parents celebrate their 40th Anniversary today. Some things never change»

«Pics of my siblings and I and our mom taken approximately 20 years apart»

«70 years apart. My son and my Dad. Trafalgar Square, London»

«Same place, same people, 10 years apart»

How often do you look at your family albums?

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