50 Hilarious Moments Captured by Parents When Their Kids Did Something So Stupid

Parenting can be challenging, but the silly and playful moments make it all worth it. The Reddit community «Kids Are Stupid» is a prime example of this, where parents can share the entertaining moments of their kids doing silly things. From playing hide-and-seek to admiring cows, this collection of moments is sure to bring a laugh to anyone who appreciates the humor in childhood innocence.

This kid ran into a lamppost while chasing his favourite soccer player

Someone please make a realistic render of this

Absolute madlad

I Bet They Tricked The Teacher!

Surf and Turf!

To eat a mozzarella stick...

I mean, who can blame them?

Kids are idiots

Nice idea

I guess I really admired cows


This is genius

≈7 / 8 I saw turtles humping and thought it was «romantic» ... this was what my parents got for their next anniversary

Well That’s Incredibly Dangerous

That’s actually a little sad

Same, except it was crocs and I could swim

Welp, he’s grounded now. Literally

This is wat you get if you hike with kids!

I should leave this package outside

How Can You Mess Up That Bad

Facepalm kids edition

Looking at that smile...

Family that brushes together stays together

Who has time to cook?

When your son loves the new toy trucks in daycare

Playing hide and seek with a toddler is always a thrill

Found this

One time my toddler fell 3 times in a row in the same puddle of spilled drink. The second time I had changed her and told her not to run. She immediately ignored me, ran, then fell in the puddle


Chewing Yoghurt Lids

I loughed too hard at this

Is it real school or school with you?

The guy didn’t pay his rent on time

Pure genius

F in the chat for that kid who had to go to the principal’s office

My Man Has Not Breathe In 2-3 Months!

My brother rearranged my keyboard

Babies: not that smart and no depth perception


Chocolate guy

No you are not

I Feel This Guy

Found this comment on youtube, full credit goes to whoever said this

I Wished

Let the cat teach him a lesson

Mom, the zombies are coming!!!

This is big brain time


My 4 year old brought me a rubber band and asked me to do this to him

That is such a big brained move!

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