A Woman Talked About How Her Boss Built a Little House for Each Employee, and Now Many People Want to Work for Him

When Kylie posted a TikTok showing the interior of her unusual office, many people thought she worked on a movie set. The mini houses really look a lot like the ones from villages and towns in Pixar animated films.

The company owner just decided to make a gift to his employees.

In reality, Kylie works for a real estate management company, so the idea of an unusual office space organization seems quite reasonable. Management thought that it would be more pleasant for employees to work in a beautiful and unusual environment. Instead of standard cubicles or glass-walled offices, they created an entire village under one roof. In addition to the little houses, there is a red barn and a pink castle.

The floor is covered with artificial turf, with benches and hammocks, and flower beds with plants are arranged in front of some facades. The working fountain creates a special atmosphere. Employees themselves design the interior of their houses, and in addition to a work desk, they can add ottomans, chairs, and generally make the space cozy with the help of photographs, paintings, and small accessories.

Each house was specially built for a certain worker.

While working on the looks of the houses, management tried to take into account individual preferences and the personality of the person who would later work in them. The numbers on the facades show the date of the specific employee’s birthday. The red barn was not built as an office, but as a warehouse. And the owner’s spouse works in the pink castle. Both employees and social media users liked the castle the most.

The houses are not located inside a giant warehouse, as many people thought, but in a huge office building. Aside from the “village,” there are many other spaces, like a big kitchen with everything they might need and other rooms.

Kylie thinks that her boss really cares about the employees.

Many people online loved the idea. Someone even said in a comment that they would work for free just to have a chance to work in such a pleasant environment. Other people weren’t that pleased. They said that it would be better if management spent the money on employee salaries, not on the houses.

But Kylie doesn’t agree. She’s worked for the company for 2 years, and she’d never met such attentive and caring management. She says she is quite happy with her pay, and she loves the atmosphere in the office. Besides, management does charity work, too. Kylie enjoys working with people who care about others.

Such offices are becoming more and more popular now.

A recent study showed that more than half the people that work from home do it not because they have to, but because they want to. Many big companies are trying to make their offices cozy and personalized. In such environments, performance improves, and employees feel happier.

Some experts predict that in the future, office buildings will look very different, and there will be units that look like small houses, kind of like this.

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