A Woman Was Going on Holiday With Her Husband, but Her Mother-In-Law Wanted to Go With Them. This Story Racked Up Thousands of Comments

When you meet the right person and start a family with them, it can seem like nothing can get in the way of your happiness. Often, however, when you marry the person you love, you also get their whole family in the bargain. And these people can easily end up meddling in your life without any sense of personal boundaries.

One Reddit user has experienced this first-hand. Her mother-in-law secretly decided to fly with them on holiday and unexpectedly showed up at the airport. The woman decided to not put up with this, and did something no one expected. But hundreds of people supported her decision.

This Reddit user admits that her relationship with her husband’s mother wasn’t good from the start. She regularly made all sorts of remarks, even comparing her new daughter-in-law to herself. But then things got even stranger: the mother-in-law suddenly switched, and started praising her daughter-in-law, sometimes even over-the-top. Then she started imitating her and even dyed her hair the same purple color as her daughter-in-law’s. Of course, the holiday ordeal took the absurdity to a whole different level.

And so, the Reddit user shares: “So, my husband and I took 2 weeks off work to go visit some places out of the country — tourism in other words. Thing is I was the one who saved up for and arranged for the trip (my husband was responsible for booking the tickets). My husband’s mom wanted to come along and threw temper tantrums when I said no. She called, texted, sent people to talk to me into letting her come, even threatened to call the police and make some complaint up to get us to stay if she can’t come.”

The woman explicitly said she was opposed to her mother-in-law going on holiday with them and, albeit reluctantly, her husband accepted the decision. His mother also stopped the threats. But this turned out to be the calm before the storm.

The woman continues: “The day of the trip came and we got to the airport at 2pm. My husband was walking ahead of me and was looking left and right like he was looking for someone. I asked him but he didn’t respond. He lead me to the waiting area and first thing I saw was his mom standing there with her luggage. I froze in my spot, I felt a cold wave washing over me and I was fuming inside. She and my husband were hugging; that’s when I quietly turned around and started walking towards the exit.”

“My husband followed me while shouting at me to stop. He tried to stop me but I told him off the harshest way possible. He tried to say I was overreacting and that his mom was there ’anyway’ and I should let it go and not mess the trip up for us. I told him he and his mom could still go and that I was going home.”

It later became clear that it was the husband who had bought the ticket for his mother. And yes, he did it in secret. “An hour later he came home yelling and raging about how pathetic and spiteful I was to walk out and go home and ruin the trip last minute. I told him he caused this to happen. He said that I was being so hard on his mom it’s ridiculous. I refused to fight any more but he kept on berating me then called my family to tell them that the trip was cancelled and that it was because of me. My family said that I shouldn’t have ruined it for myself and should’ve sucked it up and done my best to enjoy [it].”

The Reddit user is now living with her sister and beloved dog, with whom she left her husband’s house. The husband himself is still trying to prove to her that her reaction was completely wrong and over-the-top, but her decision has already been supported by thousands of people.

  • “He’s chosen his partner. Please don’t let him gaslight you into thinking that going behind your back, lying to your face, and neglecting your feelings was okay; the two of them ruined the trip you paid for, you did the right thing when you walked away.” © qlanga / Reddit
  • “You told your boundaries, you said no. She crossed it. Your husband told you he would tell her no, he lied. He tried to pin you in a corner by not saying anything and bringing her anyways and got upset you refused to be a part of his little trap? And then to berate you? He’s not a good man.” ©
    PeanutButter_Toast_ / Reddit
  • “Also. Let’s not forget that if OP’s money was used, they also technically stole from OP to book an extra ticket.” © potatoyuzu / Reddit
  • “This is reeking of a unhealthy mother-son relationship.” © trashyteal / Reddit
  • “That is not a husband. That is a mama’s boy who would lie, undermine, manipulate, gaslight, and harass his wife in order to please his mommy. There are so many levels of this which utterly horrify me. The disrespect is almost unfathomable. Also, what is your family doing? What are they thinking by siding with him on this? I would cut off all contact with them and hire a divorce attorney immediately.” © WanderingPine / Reddit
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