Carrie Underwood Moved From a Lavish Mansion to a Farm to Live With Her Family, Breed Horses, and Grow Her Own Food

Becoming rich and famous makes it easy to forget about modesty. You start living the high life, chasing the latest elite trends. But Carrie Underwood, the famous country singer who won eight Grammys, was able to avoid that. She chose to focus her strength on her family and live with them on a cozy farm rather than in huge, lavish mansions.

Carrie was born into a fairly modest family on a farm in Oklahoma. As Carrie herself described her childhood and upbringing, it was “free-range” — lots of time outside and playing with animals. The girl always loved to sing and took part in various competitions but without much success. Until one day, she decided to take part in American Idol. This brought her victory, fans, and a debut album in 2006.


Carrie’s popularity grew and two years later, she met Mike Fisher, a professional ice hockey player. Their relationship developed quite quickly; he proposed in 2009 and the couple got married 6 months later. Their wedding was attended by close friends and family. Soon the lovers started to think about having children.

The happy couple lived in a large, luxurious house with many bedrooms, a private tennis court, and a garage for several cars. But they didn’t plan to stay there forever. Carrie and Mike bought land elsewhere and started dreaming up their perfect home.

In 2015, Carrie gave birth to her first son, Isaiah. The singer was very happy, and soon the couple started planning a second child. But then, a streak of bad luck began.

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In 2017, while at home, Carrie had a fall and badly injured her face. Her husband was away on business at the time but immediately rushed back to support his wife once he heard the news. Over the next two years, the couple suffered three miscarriages. Carrie persevered through the hardships, keeping up her appearances at concerts and photo shoots, but she was still worried. When she fell pregnant again, she thought there might be more problems. She spent the entire night with her son, cuddling him and sobbing. The next morning she went to the doctor. As it turned out, all was well. Soon, her son Jacob was born.

After the birth of their second child, Carrie and her husband decided to sell their lavish mansion and move to a farm. They built a new house specifically to make it as comfortable as possible for the family. According to the singer, it had to have “a wood-burning fireplace, a porch swing, and rocking chairs.” The size of the property allows the family to keep horses and other pets.

The singer has taken up gardening and grows food for her family. Digging around in the soil is like a form of therapy for her. She says it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the quiet, clear her mind, and be alone with nature. Carrie even shares her progress with her fans, who jokingly say that she could switch careers if she wanted to but ask her not to because her music is just too good. Their life has become similar to an idyllic farmer’s paradise.

Ever since I was little, I loved animals. If you told me I could never sing again, I’d say that was horrible, but it’s not my life. If you told me I could never be around animals again, I would just die.

Outside of her glamorous life of concerts and interviews, Carrie is just like a normal working mother. She cooks her children’s meals, supports the boys at their sports matches, and the family often travels and they try to spend as much time together as possible. The boys have also often joined their mother on her tours.

You just make room, and you learn how important that family time is, and to be able to spend time and carve out some of that and maybe get to go on vacation and maybe get to go on a cruise — that stuff is so important to, like I said, make time for family. That’s what it’s all about.

Millions of fans and incredible success haven’t changed Carrie at all. She prefers to do the cleaning around the house herself, as it “drives her crazy when she has people over, and they try to help clean up.” She also cooks delicious vegetable pies for the children on Sundays. Carrie often prefers to stay at home rather than go out to parties.

Underwood still puts a ton of effort into her music, writing songs and recording albums. Her husband Mike has even said that it’s best not to approach her when she’s working as she’s so focused.

People often ask me what I do after shows... Tonight, I fold laundry.

It’s her decency as a person that is so impressive. She’s an advocate for causes like animal rights and the Red Cross. She has faith, a sense of self and loves a good challenge. When most singers tackle a Broadway musical, it’s in front of a thousand people. She did it in front of 20 million.

Carrie’s family looks perfect, and she’s certainly earned this fairy tale by staying true to herself — fully committing to her husband and children, her music, and her values. And all that’s left to do for us, the fans, is to be happy for her and enjoy the country singer’s new work.

Where would you rather live with your family, on a farm or in a city mansion?

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