Emilia Clarke Is Not Afraid of Being Alone, and She Thinks That People Don’t Need to Have Partners to Be Happy

We don’t know much about Emilia Clarke’s private life. In fact, the actress is quite surprised at the fact that people are interested in whether she’s dating someone or not. And there are a lot of rumors about her new romances. Clarke says she hasn’t found her soulmate yet, and she doesn’t seem to be worried about it. She enjoys her life being single.

Emilia Clarke has a reason not to talk about her private life.

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The actress became popular almost in an instant. After the release of Game of Thrones, she woke up famous. Shocked by all the attention, she tried to hide the details of her private life. Emilia said that being famous doesn’t help with all the romantic stuff.

Actor Simon Pegg once said that being a star is the same thing as wearing a ridiculous hat you can’t take off. Clarke likes this comparison, and on dates, she’d often feel like a woman with a stupid hat.

From 2012 to 2013, Emilia dated actor and director Seth MacFarlane. Neither of them talked about their relationship, and Emilia decided to share some things about why they broke up only 3 years later.

It was tough for her to date another celebrity working in the entertainment industry because strangers would often give her unwanted advice. Once, someone told Emilia that she and Seth weren’t a good couple. In any case, they broke up without any bitterness or accusations.

In 2018, the actress was in a relationship with director Charlie McDowell. The actress didn’t hide this romance — both Emilia and Charlie posted cute photos on their social media. But one year later, they broke up for reasons unknown. Soon, Charlie met Lily Collins, and they got married in 2021. And Emilia hasn’t found her soulmate as of yet.

She’s often rumored to have romances with different stars.

There were rumors about Emilia dating her colleagues from the set. Some people said she dated Kit Harington, and others were sure she had feelings for Jason Momoa. But none of these suspicions have any grounds.

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Clarke says that the press doesn’t know about all of her romances, and the only one they could reveal was her relationship with Jai Courtney. They met on the set of Terminator Genisys and dated for some time, but the difficult working schedule ended their relationship.

She decided not to date actors anymore.

After several failed attempts at dating colleagues, Emilia developed a rule. She decided not to have romantic relationships with actors.

She might change her decision in the future. It’s just that there aren’t many good examples of strong relationships between stars, and such unions require an incredible level of trust between the partners. She has far too many funny stories about bad dates.

Besides, such relationships tend to have some sort of publicity, and Clarke tries not to read any comments about herself, neither bad nor good ones. Emilia can hardly watch her own movies.

She gets upset by negative comments, and even though she has social media pages, she doesn’t read what people write to her or send her. Her friends and relatives will still tell her about the positive and negative opinions online.

Emilia believes that she just needs to wait for the right person.

The actress hopes to find her soulmate, and she thinks that the most important thing is the right time. If 2 people are on the same page and are ready to walk the same path, this binds them as a couple. But if one of the partners is at a different stage or not ready for a relationship, the split-up might break their hearts.

Emilia wants her future partner to have a good sense of humor. And she thinks it’s very romantic when partners know the little quirks and habits of the other. She’s scared by grand gestures.

The actress feels quite comfortable being single.

Emilia feels okay without a partner. She thinks it’s a normal situation for any person. Women often try to take care of someone else, even if it goes against their own interests. Emilia believes that romantic relationships can be sidelined if you have other important things to do.

Having no partner doesn’t mean you’re lonely. She spends a lot of time with her friends and family. So, Emilia is a very responsible godmother, and she tries to visit her godson and his parents as often as she can. And when she’s not busy, she just walks around London listening to her favorite music.

Acting can sometimes make her feel lonely because she often has to spend time away from her loved ones when traveling. This is why family support is crucial for Emilia. As for family plans, she’s sure the right person will appear in her life and everything will work out the way it should.

We sincerely hope that Emilia Clarke will be happy, no matter whether she finds a soulmate or not.

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