Grandma Delights Granddaughter with Hand-Knitted Christmas Sweater Inspired by Her Drawing

Christmas jumpers have evolved into a popular holiday tradition, with parties thrown specifically to celebrate them. The «Ugly Christmas Jumpers» trend began in the 1950s with TV ads and has since become a staple in comedy shows. People now own holiday tops with festive decorations like reindeer, Santa, and snowflakes. However, one grandma in the UK took her love for Christmas jumpers to a whole new level by teaming up with her granddaughter to create an enchanting holiday snug.
The project started when Julie Cordiner, a grandma from the UK, saw a design created by her granddaughter as a school assignment for «Christmas Jumper Day» to raise funds for Save The Children Charity.

Have you ever experienced your child receiving a homework assignment to design a sweater?

This grandmother surpassed everyone by actually knitting it!

Julie came up with the idea of knitting her granddaughter’s Christmas present design and shared it on Twitter with this message: «My granddaughter had homework to design a Christmas jumper, so I decided to create it.» She was an experienced knitter and was able to finish the project just in time for Christmas Jumper Day at school.

The granddaughter was all smiles posing in her new festive clothing item in front of the Christmas tree and Julie, as a proud grandma, uploaded the photo on Twitter with the message: «The look on her face when she opened it was priceless! Merry Christmas, everyone.»

It goes without saying that both the young woman and the internet were extremely pleased with it.

The sweater perfectly resembled the design created by the granddaughter and featured a Christmas tree with colorful ornaments, a shining star, presents, a cheerful Santa delivering presents, and dancing snowflakes.

Grandma Julie was elated with the numerous positive comments and 110k likes on Twitter in response to her thoughtful gift. Her photo quickly went viral, with users calling the Christmas jumper «brilliant,» «amazing,» «beautiful,» and «adorable.»

The thread was filled with similar stories of dedicated grandmothers showing their love for their grandchildren through knitting, crocheting, and sewing unique items such as the Avengers’ Infinity Gauntlet, a crab with googly eyes, or a mermaid tail blanket, just to name a few.

The Twitter discussion rapidly filled with grandmothers sharing their handmade crafts made for their grandchildren.

Individuals who had saved gifts from their childhood shared some comments.

It appears that grandchildren are fond of the presents made by their crafty grandmothers.

It also evoked many nostalgic and touching memories for the parents.

Preview photo credit juliecordiner / twitter
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