How Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Supported Each Other Through Failed Romances and Health Problems and Stayed BFFs

Finding a true friend in life is no easier than finding your “other half.” Moreover, true friendship often manifests itself under unhappy circumstances. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have managed to become the living embodiment of celebrity “best friends forever.” These two singers have shown us that a friendship can be stronger than a romantic relationship, and that it can overcome any adversity.

The future friends met in 2008. At the time, Gomez was dating Nick Jonas, and Swift was dating his brother Joe. Both of their relationships with the brothers didn’t last long. Swift admitted in an interview that Joe broke up with her over the phone in 25 seconds, which she jokingly dubbed a record. Years later, Gomez wisely noted that she had also been young and immature, which reflected on the relationship, and that the best thing she gained from it was her friendship with Taylor.

It was amazing, because Taylor was the girl with the big curly hair and all the bracelets and the cowboy boots. And I was definitely up-and-coming and we just clicked.

Failed romances with the musicians didn’t put an end to the girls’ friendship. Since then, they have regularly appeared together at public events. By Gomez’s own admission, she turned to Swift to help her heal her broken heart: “Every single problem I ever have is healable by Taylor Swift! If I ever have an issue, Taylor has gone through it, because she’s older than me, and she gives the most thought-out answers. And what I love about Taylor is that she does believe in the whole love story and Prince Charming and soul mates. Because of her, I haven’t lost faith. We literally talk every day.”

Taylor also sought Selena’s support when she was going through her breakup with Jonas. The two friends made each other playlists to cheer up one another, and help cope with sadness. “We had ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson, of course, we had to have that as number one,” Gomez shared in an interview.

The singers readily express their close friendship in various touching ways on their social media, leaving sentimental comments and giving sweet surprises to each other. For example, Gomez got a manicure with Swift’s and her own initials inside a heart shape in honor of her friend’s birthday.

I’m glad you were born. You write all the thoughts some aren’t able to articulate. (ME!) Thank you for giving a voice to this world that is authentic and inspiring. I wish some knew how big your heart actually is; it’s fierce, bold and wild with light. I’m glad you protect that. Love you.

The two friends support each other not only in their personal relationships, but also in their work. Selena has been to many of Swift’s concerts. And Taylor enthusiastically cheers Gomez on at her performances. Their support is so endearing to the public that photos of them are regularly posted with the caption “friendship goals,” calling them each other’s biggest fans.

The friends hold each other’s professional skills in very high regard. In support of Swift’s new album, Selena hinted on social media that her friend suits the title of the song “Mastermind.” Taylor expressed her love and support for Gomez’s documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, in honor of its release.

According to Gomez, Swift and her family are the first people to whom she shows her music videos, long before their official release: “And it was so cute because we all got on the couch and all the lights were turned down, and just seeing Andrea, her mom, and seeing Taylor react that way was one of the sweetest moments.” Swift also trusts Gomez’s professional instincts and shares her yet-to-be-released tracks with her.

Gomez and Swift regularly appear together at public events, pose together as they hug, and even help look after each other’s outfits. The failed romances and health issues are behind them. But their relationship is stronger than ever and has made thousands of people around the world believe in the power of friendship. For example, during one of Swift’s tours, Gomez appeared on stage and gave a heartfelt speech, in front of 60,000 people, about how much she values her friendship with Taylor, who has never once, in all the years of their friendship, judged any of her decisions.

In an interview, Swift marveled at the fact that this was her longest friendship: “When your life changes and you become thrust into this really strange whirlwind where what your life is is different from what other people think your life is. Both of us have kind of stuck it out and hung in there through all the different changes we’ve gone through.”

The friends emphasize their fond feelings for each other during significant events in each other’s lives, such as birthdays. In 2018, Taylor couldn’t be there for Selena’s 26th birthday. She did, however, touchingly congratulate her by making her a cake with Gomez’s name on it.

In July 2022, Selena chose to celebrate her 30th birthday with her best friend, which she shared on social media. Gomez admitted: “I never fit in with a cool group of girls that were celebrities. My only friend in the industry really is Taylor, so I remember feeling like I didn’t belong.”

How long have you been friends with your BFF?

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