How the Appearance of Wrinkles Helped Reese Witherspoon’s Acting Career and What Beauty Advice She Gave Her Daughter

In 2016, Reese Witherspoon was voted 2nd most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine. Several years have passed since then, and the actress hasn’t lost her charm. She admits she’s changing with age, but she sees her wrinkles and grey hair as a source of pride.

Reese Witherspoon inherited her attitude to beauty from her mother and grandmother

Witherspoon’s attitude towards appearance was influenced by her grandmother, who believed that no matter what was going on in your life, you should always look your best. Reese’s grandmother and mother showed her that aging shouldn’t be seen as a failure. In her opinion, aging gracefully is inspiring.

Reese is proud of her wrinkles, as they reflect her life experience

Reese believes that self-confidence will help people reconsider their attitudes towards aging. The actress herself loves to see how she’s changed on screen. Witherspoon notes that she’s gained a lot of life experience with age and has earned her grey hair and wrinkles. The actress enjoys being her current age more than in her younger years.

Age-related changes are important for her career

Reese predicted she would have a career decline after the age of 40. However, when the actress was 43, she said she was working more than ever before. Witherspoon attributes these changing demands towards women’s appearance to the growth of streaming platforms. They present viewers with more choice for what to watch, and allow them to decide for themselves the kind of women they want to see on screen.

The appearance of wrinkles has had a positive effect on Reese’s career. She noticed the lines on her face during the filming of Big Little Lies, and quickly realized that she liked them because she had worked hard to earn them. “Now I can play women who have lived more and gone through a lot of changes, not simply because I’m in my 40s but because I’ve gone through that kind of evolution myself,” said the actress.

Reese is comfortable having an imperfect appearance

According to some, the main purpose of beauty has long been to make women more attractive to men. However, Reese disagrees with this approach. Witherspoon believes that makeup is important for self-confidence. She herself has never worn makeup for the sole purpose of impressing others. “I think beauty is self-expression. It’s like painting,” the actress says.


According to Reese, Hollywood is a competition, but it’s impossible to win the beauty race. So she just tries to be the best version of herself and doesn’t deny, for instance, that she has cellulite and stretch marks.

The actress doesn’t rely on expensive make-up for everything

Reese thinks it’s important to pay attention to skin care; for example, she began using moisturizing products at the first sign of wrinkles. According to the actress, cosmetics don’t have to be hugely expensive. Good products can be affordable. She herself uses a budget-friendly cleanser.

Witherspoon also loves spending time in nature. That’s where she feels most at one with her own natural beauty.

Witherspoon gave her daughter some useful beauty advice

Reese confessed that she learns a lot from her daughter Ava about beauty. She watches many tutorial videos, thanks to which she can do makeup like a pro. But Reese gave Ava some important beauty advice of her own: “As pretty as you ever look on the outside, you’re only as pretty as you are on the inside and the way that you treat other people.”

Moreover, when it comes to beauty, Witherspoon completely agrees with her character from Legally Blonde, Elle Woods. The actress echoes Elle’s words: “When you look good, you feel good.”

What beauty tips would you share with those around you?

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