“I Don’t Want to Start a Baby When I’m 30.” Why Kylie Jenner Chose to Become a Mom at 20 Over Parties With Friends

Being part of the Kardashian-Jenner family means being in the spotlight of millions of viewers all the time. For more than a decade, people have watched the family’s relationships at home. When you are part of such a reality show, you probably get used to all the attention. But when the youngest sister, Kylie, needed to build a family, she decided to do it away from the public eye. In this article, we’re going to tell you why she made such a decision and what role motherhood played.

The dream of being a young mom

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Kylie grew up in a family with 4 older sisters and 1 brother. When she was young, she already imagined herself as a mom of several kids; she even came up with names for her imaginary offspring. When she was 17, she joked that she wanted to be a mom of millions of girls. And she added, “I don’t want to start a baby when I’m 30. I don’t believe in after 30.”

At the age of 19, at the Coachella festival, she met rap singer Travis Scott, and 1 year later, they had a daughter, Stormy.

“Being a young mom just means we met a little early, and I get to love you a little longer,” Kylie wrote in her social media. But she still dreamed of a big family. Jenner watched her daughter spend time with her 10 cousins, and she knew that she needed a sibling as soon as possible.

Kylie and Travis decided to have another child right after the first one, but life worked out differently. Jenner managed to get pregnant only several years later. In February 2022, they had their son, Wolf.

The right to privacy

People are used to knowing everything about Kylie Jenner. They’ve been watching her grow since she was 9 years old. But Kylie didn’t want her kids to have the same life as her. In her interviews, she said many times that once she has kids, she’ll disappear from the spotlight.

The couple never mentioned Kylie’s first pregnancy. The wanted to share this happiness only within their family. And their friends and relatives supported them. The news about Kylie’s pregnancy wasn’t shared until Stormy was born. The young mom apologized to her subscribers and explained that she had felt she needed to “prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress-free and healthy way I knew how.” She took that privacy a step further with her second child; the public haven’t seen the child’s face yet.

Having a new role

As Jenner said before, she changed her priorities when she became a mom and started to spend less time online. She tried to devote all of her time to the new role. She said that at first, she was stressed every time she needed to leave her daughter because of work. Ashamed, she’d say, “I’m doing it for you.”

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Kylie’s mom, Chris, is her role model. As the girl remembers, their family had a practical view of raising kids. Being the head of a big beauty product company, the young mom realizes that she is raising a potential heir. But Jenner also says that she’s not going to make her daughter do this if she doesn’t want to.

Motherhood changed Kylie’s attitude toward herself too. After her first pregnancy, she was incredibly ashamed of her appearance. She said that she needed lots of beauty procedures to get over it. But at some point, she stopped and realized that if anything needs to be changed, it’s her attitude, not her body.

She saw her own beauty in her child, and it changed her forever. For example, she said she never liked her ears. But when she saw that her daughter has the same ears, she realized that if she doesn’t change her own attitude, Stormy will have the same problems in the future. Kylie decided to teach her daughter to love herself and be her own example for that.

Role model

But Jenner didn’t manage to keep one promise. When she had kids, she never deleted her social media page. Her Instagram page is one of the most popular ones in the world. There, millions of moms from all around the world find support. Kylie talks about motherhood openly and honestly.

The star shares her stories about the social pressure young parents experience and her huge audience can relate. Not long ago, Jenner shared that her post-partum period was very difficult for her, especially with her second child. But she doesn’t rush to the gym, and wants to take some rest. She’s not ashamed of talking about it. And she encourages all women to be softer to themselves because being a mom is not easy.

In your opinion, why do so many famous people decide to raise their kids as far from the public eye as possible?

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