Julia Roberts Is Definitely the Best Aunt Because She Babysat Her Niece Emma and Introduced Her to the World of Cinema

Many people know that famous actresses Julia and Emma Roberts are related. Emma is the daughter of Eric Roberts, Julia’s older brother. The aunt and niece don’t only look similar. It was Julia Roberts that showed the girl the mysterious world of cinema. Thanks to her, Emma chose to pursue an acting career. If it wasn’t for Julia, her niece’s life could have gone a completely different way.

Julia Roberts supported Emma’s mother when her parents broke up

Soon after Emma was born, her parents, Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham, decided to break up. It’s surprising, but Eric’s sister, Julia, who had only recently become famous thanks to Pretty Woman, supported Kelly. Emma was raised by her mother, but in the following years, she was able to mend the relationship with her dad.

Julia would often take the girl to movie sets

Some of Emma’s brightest childhood memories are the trips to movie sets she took with her aunt Julia. For her, it was like summer camp. The girl would run around the set and eat treats that weren’t very healthy. It was any child’s dream.

Emma remembers that when Erin Brockovich was being filmed, she managed to try on almost all the outfits Julia wore in the movie. Of course, the clothes were too big and fell down, but Emma was ecstatic. It was like a game, but at a whole new level.

And in America’s Sweethearts, Emma even worked as a stylist. She helped on the set: she’d write the wardrobe tags and organize the make-up brushes. She was interested in everything, and she asked hundreds of questions and learned on the fly.

Emma was charmed by the cinema world

Since the age of 8, Emma started to convince her mom to let her star in movies. Kelly didn’t like the idea very much. She thought the girl would quickly lose interest in the work and get tired of filming. But it didn’t go this way, and Emma managed to get a role in Blow, where she worked together with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.

The early start helped Emma survive in the entertainment industry with ease. She developed armor and got used to rejections and the unpleasant sides of the business. The actress thinks that people take many things way more seriously when they are 20. But in childhood, it’s not as bad.

Emma is not trying to emulate her aunt’s amazing career

Even though Emma is an actress now, she has never felt any pressure because she’s related to Julia Roberts. She’s always admired her aunt’s work and talent, but she’s not trying to compete with her or surpass her. She wants to go her own way and fights for the projects she thinks are interesting.

Even though Emma is not going to follow in her aunt’s footsteps, she says that she and Julia have a lot in common. For example, as she jokes, they both have extra-big smiles.

They still spend a lot of time together.

Emma prefers to deal with stress by communicating with her relatives and friends. When she feels depressed, she spends time with the people she loves doing the things she enjoys the most.

Emma and Julia often meet to play board games or just to chat. They share photos of such days on their Instagram pages. And they have been on movie sets together a few times. They were in Valentine’s Day in 2010. But Julia turned down a role in American Horror Story (Emma is in it) because she’s terrified of horror films.

Julia is happy that Emma remains the same wonderful girl

Julia Roberts knows how fame and the entertainment industry can affect a person. So, every time Emma comes to visit her, she is happy when she realizes her niece hasn’t changed a bit. She remains the wonderful girl that used to hide from aunt Julia on the set. Roberts is convinced that when a person knows exactly when they want, it helps them keep their self-esteem in the cinema world.

The aunt and the niece don’t forget to congratulate each other on social media. Julia posted a funny video on Emma’s birthday. In the video, they are seen seriously staring into the camera while using party blowers.

Emma loves trolling her famous relative

During the 2017 Oscar ceremony, Emma decided to replicate the famous winning scream Julia Roberts made when she won her Oscar in 2001. Emma remembers that Julia took a long time to choose the right dress for that night. After she tried on several dresses, little Emma said, “You should wear the skunk dress!”

Do you have a relative that played a big role in your life, like your parents?

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