Kendall Jenner Isn’t in a Hurry to Have Children and Is Searching for Harmony With Her Horses

Kendall Jenner is different from other members of her family. She doesn’t like to reveal the details of her personal life to the public, and she’s not in a hurry to get married or become a mom. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to have children. It’s just that she’s convinced that some changes in life shouldn’t happen became society wants them, but only when a person is truly ready for them.

Kendall has always been a rebel in the Jenner-Kardashian clan

Jenner grew up in a big family, but surprisingly, she often felt lonely when she was a child. Most of her siblings were older than then her, and this made her mature earlier than expected. Kylie, who was closest to Kendall in age, had a lot of friends and kept up a busy social life.

Kendall, on the other hand, was often alone. While her sister was having fun with her friends, Kendall looked for solace in music or horseback riding. Sometimes she’d take a horse and leave the house for the whole day. It wasn’t that she loved horseback riding so much; she just couldn’t think of anything else to do.

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Ever since she was a teenager, she’s been in the spotlight, particularly because of her participation in her family’s reality show The Kardashians. She didn’t find it to be a very pleasant experience. It was as if she was constantly in a house with glass walls, where every gesture, every word, was actively discussed by an audience. Such a childhood could drive any kid crazy.

On the other hand, receiving so much attention helped her learn how to react to criticism in a calm way. Now, she doesn’t see herself through the eyes of other people because she knows she’s the only person who knows what she’s really like.

She tried to search for her own path

Kendall admits that she’s always been a bit different from her sisters. They loved dressing up, and she was a rebel. She loved boys’ clothes, and would communicate with boys more often. Even now, Kendall is not as interested in luxurious and feminine dresses as her relatives.

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Besides, Kendall felt she was an ugly duckling. As a teenager, she suffered from acne, and the spots made her ashamed of her own appearance. She could barely talk to other people, and would always try to hide her face during conversations.

In 2015, Marc Jacobs chose her to participate in a show for their autumn collection. The designer invited the entire family, but the young model asked her relatives not to attend the show because she wanted to achieve success on her own. Kendall is still shy when her family shows up at her shows to support her. When they attend, they often sit in the front row.

Kendall believes she’ll recognize her love at first sight

Kendall is not someone who falls in love gradually. She usually needs just a few moments to realize whether she likes a person or not. Being in love is more like a bolt of lightning for her; it doesn’t happen very often. Kendall says she is a reserved person, and it’s hard for her to have a trusting relationship. She doesn’t rush to show tender feelings and love because she’s not always sure people around her deserve it. She’d like to change this about herself because she knows it can be upsetting, both for herself and the people she’s with.

The press has attributed many romances to Kendall, but she avoids revealing any details. She says that relationships have helped her better understand herself and what she expects from a prospective life partner. In any case, the girl is not in a hurry to tie the knot. She still needs to sort out many important things, but Jenner is confident that she has enough time ahead of her. She’s watched her own mother, Kris, have revelations at a mature age, so Kendall knows that her own life and views have the potential to change at any time.

She’s not ready for motherhood, but she thinks that’s normal

Kendall is the only one of her siblings who has yet to experience the joys of parenting. Her mother has even started to worry about this and asks her daughter when she’s going to give her grandkids. Kendall just shrugs it off. She is still searching for her path in life, and it has nothing to do with work.

Kendall is confident that family ties are the most important thing in the world. After all, it is children who are our legacy. She believes that at the end of life’s journey, people rarely think about how much money they have earned and how hard they have worked. Relationships created between people and the love they were able to give to others are much more significant.

Kendall thinks it’s up to her when she’s ready to have children, not her relatives or even her mom. Until she feels it’s the right time, she wants to have some more time for herself while she can. And now, she loves babysitting her numerous nieces and nephews. She says, “It’s awesome because I have all these little babies to play with, so I can play with them and then just give them back. They’re all really cute.”

Jenner finds peace far from prying eyes

Kendall confesses that she is often tormented by anxiety. She hates public speaking and suffers from her own perfectionism. She thinks that if she makes a mistake or accidentally stammers, everyone will make fun of her. In childhood, she was sometimes plagued by panic attacks. Then they almost disappeared, only to return in a more fierce way a few years later.

Kendall tries to understand these processes and has even found several methods that help her calm down. She loves spending time in a quiet yard alone. This helps her tune in to the right tone and start the day in a positive key.

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She spends most of her time going on business trips and attending events with many people. Her life is full of chaos, so she sometimes needs a quiet, secluded place where she can hide. Kendall is looking for a ranch where she can rest and take her horses.

She’s planning to make one more dream come true. Jenner wants to create cozy spaces for other people, so she has decided to pursue interior design. She’s going to renovate and resell houses after she’s created her own.

We hope that all of Kendall’s dreams will come true and she won’t let anyone change herself or her plans.

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