Lucy the Dog Became the Best Babysitter for Newborn Twins and Went Viral Online

When a baby appears in a family, many dog owners have to deal with new problems. Dogs often get very nervous and jealous of the child, and may feel neglected. Some people even have to find new homes for their pets. Josh and Kelly Rheaume were lucky — their beloved dog Lucy became a true babysitter for their newborn twin daughters.

Adding Lucy to the family turned out to be a true miracle for Josh and Kelly

The couple decided to take a 6-month-old puppy when Josh was unexpectedly fired and Kelly found a job. The man was really worried and couldn’t imagine what he would do in his free time, and the dog really needed a home.

Lucy, a Labrador and husky mix, was born in the middle of February and was the only puppy that survived. The homeless puppy was found by a passer-by, who then posted an ad on social media. Kelly’s mom decided the dog would be a great present for the kids, took Lucy, and gave her to her daughter. Josh said, “I knew right then, she needed me and I needed her.”

Josh started teaching Lucy all sorts of cute tricks. The dog could open the fridge and bring him a drink when he asked her to. And when Josh and Kelly decided to get married, Lucy was the “dog of honor” at the ceremony. Lucy was their first child, and they couldn’t imagine their lives without her. Some people said that when they would have kids, the dog wouldn’t be as important to them, but Josh didn’t believe it.

At first, Lucy wasn’t thrilled about the new family members

When Josh and Kelly found out they were expecting twins, they were worried about Lucy’s reaction. And Lucy wasn’t happy when she saw the babies. She felt that the girls stole all the attention of her owners and she tried to get it back. She’d climb into the booster in the car, or she’d take offense when she saw Josh and Kelly sit on the couch with their babies. The couple was hurt to see it.

Josh decided to help his 4-legged daughter adapt to new family members, and he felt that the simplest way was get Lucy involved in babysitting. The dog already knew lots of commands and could memorize new words, so they taught her to bring bottles of milk from the fridge, new diapers, and other little things when they needed them.

Lucy quickly turned into the most caring nanny in the world

At first, taking care of the babies was just another fun game for Lucy, but then she became very serious about her new duties. She helps the parents collect the toys, look after the girls, and when one of them starts crying, she calls the owners right away.

Josh and Kelly can sleep in peace, knowing that Lucy will always wake them up if the babies need anything. Besides, the dog always watches when guests want to hold the babies for the first time. Josh hopes the dog will remain a caring older sister in the future.

Lucy can easily tell the twins apart. Even the parents couldn’t do it at first, so they decided to teach the dog to help them. So, Lucy can always bring a toy or a blanket to one of the daughters when Josh or Kelly ask her to.

She’s not only a social media star, but also the neighbors’ favorite

Josh posted a TikTok of Lucy helping him look after the girls. To his shock, the video gained 500,000 views overnight, even though he had only 80 subscribers. And soon, Lucy became a big worldwide star.

The dog is also loved in her hometown. Josh often takes Lucy with him when he needs to run some errands. Usually, the dog waits for him in a car with the open window, and by the time he comes back, there are a lot of admirers around Lucy, bringing her treats and toys.

Josh has 2 pieces of advice for all the owners that want their pets to be as obedient as Lucy. You should be patient and rewarding when the dog does things rights. He also says, “A bond is really important, being close to your dog first and foremost. They want to do well for us.”

We sincerely hope that Lucy will continue to make their owners happy and babysit her 2-legged sisters.

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