Marc Anthony Married a 23-Year-Old Model. Let’s Take a Look at the Story of Nadia Ferreira

On the 31st of January, 2023, photo model Nadia Ferreira shared a video from her wedding with singer Marc Anthony on her Instagram page. She had been dating him for about a year, and the press often referred to her as Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband’s bride. But Nadia is a perfectly impressive person herself — in her 23 years of life, she has achieved recognition in the beauty industry and has also gained fame as a volunteer and an advocate for women’s rights.

The future fashion model was born in 1999 in Villarrica, Paraguay. When she was just eight months old, she underwent surgery for a congenital neck defect.

Growing up, Nadia was determined to become a model and, at the age of 13, appeared on the catwalk for the first time in her native country.

A couple of years later, she represented Paraguay at the Miss Teen Universe 2014 competition in Guatemala, where she took third place. In 2021, Ferreira won the title of Miss Universe Paraguay and traveled to Israel, where she came second at Miss Universe 2021, becoming the first contestant from Paraguay to get that far.

Nadia’s modeling career was not without surprises. She has had to learn to save face even in seemingly embarrassing situations.

At one fashion show, the bodice of a silk dress slipped off her chest, but the model didn’t even bat an eye and confidently continued down the catwalk. Nadia later said that it would have been considered highly unprofessional of her had she adjusted her clothes in front of everyone.

And during New York Fashion Week 2021, she almost fell off her very high heels. Journalists instantly spread the pictures, and some readers began to worry about the model’s health. Nadia jokingly replied that she only got a couple of scratches but that her ego took the worst hit.

In addition to her skills on the catwalk, Nadia has a whole range of other talents. She is a true polyglot, fluent in Guaraní, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

In 2015, Ferreira became a local TV celebrity after appearing on Telefuturo’s TV show Parodiando with her parody of Taylor Swift. Nadia tried on the pop star’s look and sang one of her songs.

Apart from that, Nadia loves dancing and periodically delights her subscribers with new videos on her TikTok channel. And to relieve her stress after a hard day’s work, she enjoys outdoor activities — Ferreira can often be spotted snowboarding on the ski slopes.

Nadia cherishes family values and adores her mom. The model has posted photos of them together on her Instagram page on more than one occasion. There’s a photo of little Nadia and her young mother, as well as a photo of them together nowadays.

And when the model achieved her success at the Miss Universe pageant, her mom went up on stage with her and couldn’t hold back tears of joy. Later, Nadia shared a post on social media in which she thanked her mother for everything she had done for her and called her a real treasure.

On her way to fame, Nadia had to endure some serious challenges. As a child, she was diagnosed with a rare condition, Susac syndrome. Ferreira said that it affected the left side of her body, and she lost her vision, hearing, and mobility on that side for about a year and a half.

After her recovery, Nadia got involved in social activities — she joined the girl scouts. The model still looks back on those days with nostalgia and believes that being a part of the organization strengthened her character and made her a true leader.

Today Nadia Ferreira remains active in community work. She founded the organization NF — after the first letters of her name and surname — which helps women who want to escape a difficult family situation and change their lives for the better.

Nadia also runs several projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the Guaraní people. In one of them, she works with women who have beaten breast cancer, offering them free breast reconstruction.

Another of the model’s volunteer activities involves helping children. She has become an ambassador for the United Nations Development Program in her native Paraguay and works hard to help children pursue a good education and achieve their goals. She also supports people with physical and developmental disabilities.

Nadia Ferreira’s achievements are regarded very highly in her native Paraguay. She was named the “Favourite Daughter of the City of Asunción” and received a medal for her services to the city.

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