Sia Offered a Teenage Stranger on Twitter to Become Her Son, and He Brought a Friend. So the Singer Ended Up With Two Grown Children

Many women’s journey to motherhood takes decades. This was the case with Sia. Despite doctors’ diagnoses, she fought desperately for the chance to become a mother. And when there seemed to be no hope left, two grown-up sons came into the singer’s life, helping her find happiness at last.

The dream of becoming a mother

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Sia has wanted to be a mom for as long as she can remember. The singer tried to get pregnant, she says, in all her romantic relationships. But fate had other plans. In 2014, the star married filmmaker Erik Anders Lang. The couple wanted to become parents and sought help from doctors. However, specialists couldn’t find the cause of Sia’s infertility.

She attempted IVF several times, but that also failed. This drove her into a seemingly never-ending state of sadness. Eventually, the couple’s marriage started to falter, ending in divorce. That’s when the singer turned to therapy for help. She spent several years recovering from the two tragedies of her life — lost love and shattered dreams of becoming a mother.

All the while, Sia surrounded herself with other people’s children. They starred in many of her music videos and spent time with her outside of work. One of them was Maddie Ziegler. As soon as they met, they felt an invisible connection, the star revealed in an interview. She saw the girl as her own daughter, took care of her like a godmother, and years later even bought her her first car.

Ziegler’s parents understood the relationship and didn’t try to stand in the way. On the contrary, Maddie was able to spend some time living with the star. Until she met Maddie, who was 11 at the time, Sia had no idea that a person could love someone so much. This was true motherly love, albeit for someone else’s child. Their relationship continues to be heart-warming to this day. On Sia’s Instagram, you can see recent photos of her with the now-grown-up Ziegler and her boyfriend.

Sia found another outlet for her unspent motherly love. She cares for dozens of fur babies in need of a family. For this purpose, the singer has dedicated her social media accounts, which have several million followers, where she talks about shelters for homeless animals and encourages people to offer them a forever home.

Time to take action into her own hands

Yet for a woman so desperate to be a mother, caring for other people’s children and rescued animals wasn’t enough. One day, Sia was watching a documentary about the foster care system. She learned the story of a boy who was about to leave boarding school. The 16-year-old had little chance of being adopted. But the singer became the exception. Just looking at the boy on screen, she immediately felt that same connection as she once did with Maddie Ziegler: “That’s my son.

By the time the star found the boy from the film, he was 18 years old. Without much introduction, she offered him the chance to be her son. In response, he only asked her one thing — could he bring his cousin, who lives with him in the same dorm? Sia replied that she would find another bedroom in the house. So, in one day, she became a mother of two grown-up sons. Later it turned out that the boys were not actually related. The teenager simply called the other one his cousin, as he was afraid that the singer wouldn’t agree to accept him knowing that he was just a friend.

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Two years have passed since then. To this day, the singer has been careful to hide the names and faces of her sons from the public. However, her fans have figured out one of their names: Dasani. That’s because this particular boy was the one who appeared in the documentary about orphans. And, according to some sources, it was on his Twitter page that the singer once asked if he wanted to be her child.

Sia, on the other hand, shares her experience of motherhood without any secrecy. She recounts how, at their first dinner with her and her so-called daughter Maddie, the new sons couldn’t believe their luck. They hadn’t had enough food for years, and they had also been treated badly at boarding school. Sia then promised that she would do everything in her power to make sure they’re happy from now on: “I just have to just keep reminding them that I’ll be here, I’m never going anywhere, and I love them.”

How motherhood changed Sia

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Sia had once written “whatever dude” on the back of her hand as a reminder that there are higher forces at play that come to our aid in time of need. It seems they helped the singer this time to finally find maternal happiness when she least expected it. The arrival of her sons gave her renewed strength. She is now motivated to become a better person and make others around her happy.

Concerts, hit charts, awards... It all suddenly seemed so small and unimportant once she got the truly valuable thing in her life: her children. The singer says that the decision to adopt these boys has been the best one of her life. Moreover, she doesn’t rule out the possibility of becoming a mom to someone else in the future, as she has plenty of love and desire to take care of somebody in her heart: “If I can do that, then I think I’ll feel like I’m superhuman.”

Ever since her sons moved in with her, Sia has been glowing with happiness. You can see this in her interviews and public appearances over the past couple of years. She admits that becoming a mom to two young men overnight wasn’t easy. She spent years getting used to being single, and now she has shed that role to immerse herself in parenting. Who cares if she wasn’t the one who gave birth to them? There’s more than that to being a mom, after all.

The most important thing you can do with such grown-up children is to become their friend. And Sia seems to be doing a great job. One of the boys still lives with the singer under her roof. They spend a lot of time together, talking about anything and everything, watching films, and listening to music. Incidentally, the teenagers were surprised to learn that many of the hits familiar to them were written by their adoptive mother.

Having just managed to step into the role of a mother, the singer had to get used to a new one. One of her adopted sons made her a grandmother. Sia happily announced the arrival of her two grandchildren in one of her podcasts. And judging by the star’s attitude, she has big plans for these babies.

So, in just a few years, Sia, who was single and had lost all hope of becoming a mother, became the head of a large family. They do say that happiness loves silence. And the singer is of the same opinion. She has decided not to tell the public anything about her children and grandchildren until they themselves decide to. But the happy sparkle in her eyes speaks louder than any words, and we are incredibly happy for her.

Have you ever, like Sia, having seen someone for the first time, known in your heart that they would become part of your family?

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