The 20 Most Attractive Female Faces of 2022, Chosen by People From All Over the World

The famous TC Candler & The Independent Critics project has been running a global poll since the 1990s called “The 100 Most Handsome Faces.” It’s different from many other beauty rankings in that one has to have more than just exceptional outer beauty to make the list. It’s also about grace, elegance, originality, courage, passion, self-control, and the ability to keep your promises. Here we’ve got the top 20 women of this list.

20. Halima Aden, Somali-American fashion model


19. Song Yuqi, Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, and dancer

18. Vienna Maryce, Canadian model and dancer

17. Sana Minatozaki, Japanese singer

16. Emilie Nereng, Norwegian blogger and musician

15. Roseanne Park (Rosé), Korean-New Zealand singer and dancer

14. Kimiya Hosseini, fashion designer

13. Jisoo (Kim Ji-soo), South Korean singer and actress

12. Gal Gadot, Israeli actress and model


11. Lyodra Ginting, Indonesian singer and actress

10. Chou Tzu-yu (Tzuyu), Taiwanese singer

9. Im Jin-ah (Nana), South Korean singer, actress and model

8. Mai Omar, Egyptian actress

7. Yael Shelbia, Israeli model and actress

6. Ivana Alawi, Filipina-Moroccan actress, model, and YouTuber

5. Sitala, Thai rapper, former member of the girl group H1-KEY

4. Dasha Taran, Russian Instagram model, beautician, and artist

3. Lisa, Thai singer and dancer

2. Nancy Jewel McDonie, Korean-American singer and actress

1. Jasmine Tookes, American model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel

Do you agree with this list? Maybe you have your own candidates who weren’t on the list at all?

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