The Story of Aaron Paul, Who Thought He Didn’t Want Kids, But Now Says That Life Only Just Began After the Birth of His Daughter

Many people know how difficult it is to find your soul mate in this world. But that’s precisely what makes stories about two people who meet and decide to never part again shine so much brighter. Actor Aaron Paul’s story is one of these rare gems. He met a young woman and immediately knew she was special. And now, years later, he’s enjoying his family and is extremely proud of his two children.

Aaron Paul starred in the TV series Breaking Bad and immediately became famous. But worldwide fame didn’t change him. He remained the romantic that he always had been. His parents were married for almost 50 years, and stayed in love with each other the entire time. And they taught their son to do the same — to love and be kind to other people.

He met Lauren Parsekian at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. On their very first date, they decided to get married. They jumped in the car and drove to Vegas to tie the knot. But the chapel was closed, so the wedding had to be postponed. On the same trip, they bought a little jacket for their future baby. This was despite the fact that, at the time, the couple weren’t even thinking of having kids.

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He formally proposed on New Year’s Eve in Paris in 2012. Aaron himself said that at the time they were just dancing to Edith Piaf in a small hotel courtyard and he begged Lauren to marry him.

The couple got married on a ranch in May of 2013. Aaron surprised his wife by singing for her. What’s more, he organized everything in advance, sending letters to all 250 guests to ask them to stand up at just the right moment and join in with the song. Lauren was incredibly moved.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds didn’t rush into having children. Aaron said he had a huge list of things he wanted to do before he became a father. But all that changed during the premiere of Star Wars. No one could have foreseen it, but the actor simply realized that he wanted to be a father.

“The words are coming across the screen at the beginning, and I go, ’Hey, babe. Can I tell you something? I want to have babies,’ I go, ’I want to have babies with you. I want to have babies. I want to be a dad. I want you to be a mom,’ and she starts sobbing.”

In all the years they’ve been together, Aaron has never once had an argument with his wife. He noted how important it was to be able to talk and listen to your other half. In February 2018, when his daughter Story was born, Aaron instantly changed. He joyfully watched Lauren become a mom.

The actor said he loves spending time with his daughter. He enjoys everything, even changing her diapers. He brought her to Comic Con, where she wore a costume that paid tribute to Aaron’s character on Breaking Bad. In fact, the actor had already had the little costume for a long time; he had seen it five years before his daughter was born and had instantly known he wanted to get it for his future child.

Aaron said that being a father is the most wonderful thing that could’ve happened to him. He proudly called his wife and daughter the main joys of his life. He even expressed that his life only truly began with the birth of his daughter. “You never think you could love them any more, but then all of a sudden your heart explodes in a way that you never imagined possible and then you do and it just keeps growing.”

The couple decided not to stop at just one child. Aaron said he wanted to have more kids: “My life began once I had a baby girl, my God. And watching my wife take on a role of a mother, it’s just such a joy.” When his daughter was four years old, Lauren gave birth to a baby boy, Ryden Caspian. Story straight away loved her brother very much and constantly tried to hug him. Aaron’s best friend, actor Bryan Cranston, became the boy’s godfather.

Now that the actor has a wonderful, close-knit family, he says he has experienced the true beauty of fatherhood. And he fully understands people who rush home after work to spend as much time as possible with their kids, trying their hardest not to miss anything.

What makes you believe in love, romance, and family?

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