Twins Who Share Everything, Including Showers, Are Now Trying to Get Pregnant by the Same Man

Anna and Lucy Decinque, from Perth, have gained the reputation of being the world’s ’most identical twins’ for good reason. Not only did they share a womb, but as they grew up, they continued to share various aspects of their lives, including an Instagram page, showers, and even a lover.

Anna and Lucy, who are 37 years old, reside in Australia with their fiancé, Ben Byrne. The unique aspect of their relationship is that the three adults share one bed in their home. The twins have referred to themselves as being ’bound to each other’, and they exhibit this closeness by taking showers together and carrying out daily routines in sync. Additionally, they have even shared a job, even though only one of them received payment for it.

During their appearance on the show, Anna and Lucy declared that they share everything, including their car, phone, bed, Facebook account, and even their boyfriend. To preserve their close bond, the twins are now determined to conceive at the same time so they can raise their children together, who will be both half-siblings and cousins.

Despite experiencing some difficulty in getting pregnant, Anna and Lucy have been practicing their parenting skills by taking care of baby dolls. They began sharing their lives with the public in 2021 when they were initially featured on a reality television show.

In a conversation with PerthNow, Lucy expressed her excitement to share their unique love story with the world, stating, «We are the show, to be honest. I don’t think there’s anyone more extreme than the two of us.» According to Lucy, it was their fiancé, Ben, who was most keen on the idea of the twins appearing on the show. She explained that people were interested in hearing his perspective and experiences of living with two girlfriends. Despite being engaged to both Lucy and Anna, Ben cannot legally marry both of them in Australia as polygamy is not recognized.

Lucy described Ben as a laid-back person who loves them for who they are and is not interested in showing off his relationship status.

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