Vanessa Hudgens Looked for Love With Hollywood Hotties but Found it With an Athlete Who’s 8 Years Younger Than Her

No one knows when they’ll meet the person that will become their nearest and dearest. Often it happens completely unexpectedly. Vanessa Hudgens, for example, just wanted to do yoga, but ended up meeting her fiancé-to-be. The happy couple recently got engaged and are now happier than ever.

Vanessa Hudgens became a star at a young age. When she starred in the High School Musical film series, she became known to teenagers all over the world. But that wasn’t the only big thing to happen for the young actress. On the set, she met Zac Efron. They played a couple onscreen, but their relationship ended up crossing over into real life. They were together for almost five years, but broke up in 2010.

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Another important man in the actress’ life was Austin Butler. People started talking about their romance back in 2011. In 2014, Vanessa even called him the love of her life. Their relationship lasted for nine years, but Hudgens still didn’t feel completely happy. One day she even realized that she felt like she had no idea who she really was or what she liked. She felt as if she was hiding even from herself. The couple broke up in 2020.

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Shortly after breaking up with Austin, Vanessa decided to take up an online meditation class. On the other side of the screen she saw baseball player Cole Tucker. The girl made the first move herself and messaged the guy, saying how much she enjoyed meeting him. They hit it off straight away. The couple has been dating for two years now, and you can practically see the sparks flying between them.

The athlete is eight years younger than his girlfriend, but they’re not bothered by the age difference. The couple’s close friends pointed out that from the very start it was obvious that Vanessa was madly in love; she couldn’t stop smiling when she was with her boyfriend. But they weren’t so sure about Tucker. However, he was taking the relationship seriously, wasn’t hiding his feelings, and even said that Hudgens is the girl of his dreams.

He’s just kind of perfect for me. I am [happy]. I really am. I think that it’s also so important to stay grateful for everything that you have in life. I’ve been making that a priority, and I feel like it’s just been making magic happen all the more.

The lovers didn’t try to hide their relationship and were often seen together in public. They would go on walks and hikes together. He accompanied the actress to premieres, and she supported him at stadiums. Vanessa even spent the holidays with Cole. And when Tucker had to leave for work, they were both very sad to be apart.

I’ll stop the world and melt with you.

Since late 2022, there have been rumors about the celebrities’ engagement. Finally, in February 2023, the confirmation appeared on the actress’ Instagram page. She declared that they couldn’t be happier. Everything really was leading up to this, as it was next to Cole that Vanessa felt truly comfortable and able to be herself. And he treats her like a queen and literally adores her.

We’re just, like, the same—we’re very similar, we’re very similar. We’re such weirdos—it’s wonderful. We both stand up for what we believe in. We’re both go-getters, that is for sure, and we’re both very down for an adventure.

After two long and difficult relationships, Vanessa seems to have finally found her long-awaited happiness. All that remains is to congratulate the couple and wish them a wonderful life together.

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